Capping Show!

OUSA is proud to present The Cat in the Cap: The 123rd annual Capping Show!

7.30pm every night 17th-20th & 22nd-27th of May
University of Otago College of Education Auditorium

The world's second longest running (and the most hilarious) Capping Revue is back with a night of sketches, videos, singing and dancing!

This show is guaranteed to make you make you LOL, wince with awkwardness, cringe with offense and it will definitely make you tell everyone you know how awesome it was. 

Put quite simply, the Capping Show is the funniest live act you’ll see all year. You can laugh at bad taste jokes and not be judged. It touches on many of the current and not so current events of the past few years, satirising people and problems which no one would usually dare! Featuring a cast full of people you have probably never heard of but may have had interesting encounters with at parties or in bed. Also sticking with tradition it features the comic stylings of the Selwyn Ballet (meaty guys in tutus) and the Sextet and Sexytet (raunchy harmonious songs). Come along and laugh until you cry (or the other way round). 

Buy Tickets HereBring a friend. Sex is not as enjoyable when you’re alone and neither is the Capping Show. In fact, bring your whole flat. Can't think of where to take that special someone for a date? Bring them to watch the Capping Show. It will almost definitely increase your chances with them (as long as you are also hot, sexy, beautiful, funny, smart, rich, on a boat and give amazing massages). 

The Capping Show sells out every year, so get your tickets ASAP from OUSA, Cosmic on George Street or buy them online here

Students: $14 + bf (booking fee, not boyfriend or best friend... it's happened) Public: $19 + bf

Making Grad: The Capping Show 2016 on Facebook | Capping Show Alumni on Facebook here

Past Capping Show video sketches on Youtube: 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 and earlier