Art Week aims to bring the Otago Campus alive for the week of 28th July to 1st August. The week also provides students an opportunity to sell and display their work with the main event, “Student Art Exhibition & Sale”. The week will also host the ever popular Gallery Crawl and if you want some inspiration why not sign up for the Artist/Writer Speed Dating event!

Student Art Exhibition

The 26th Annual Student Art Exhibition and SALE runs all week from Monday 28th July through to 12noon Friday 1st August and is open 9am-9pm daily (excluding 01.08.14 with 12noon close) for your viewing pleasure. Take a study break and head on down to Union Hall to view some beautiful art from your fellow students, maybe even make a purchase!

Installations Project


Artist: Mutahir Ariff
Project: Islamic geometric shapes on vinyl

“Islamic geometrical patterns, exploring the prohibition of figurative imagery in the Islamic Sharia and its interplay with the animation industry which I had abandoned, the environment where my former practice was based in”.
Location: Glass above Frankly Sandwiches in the Link


Artist: Hayden Burke
Project: The Only Constant is Change (aka the Kim Dot Controversy)

“This is a textile based print work, made as part of my studies towards my Bachelor of Visual Arts. It explores ideas about the direction our world is heading, and the endless possibilities ahead of us. The scale suggests the global, or too-big-for-any-one-individual aspect of the issues we will face in the future, and indeed are facing now”. 
Location: The Link


Artist: Northern Artery
Project: Art Tardis

The Art Tardis is Northern Artery’s newest exhibition space. It is a small moveable ‘micro gallery’ specifically designed for 3D works & installations. It is intended to bring contemporary art out of the conventional gallery space and into our community, our cul de sac’s, our schools & streets. The Art Tardis will regularly display works by different artists and be situated at different locations. For more information or to submit a proposal please email

On Show: Protected in Comfort by Rowan Holt

Protected in Comfort is a work that critiques our perception of danger and protection.  By using the domestic craft of crochet to create a soft large scale blanket from caution tape, the work questions the public response to mitigating risk in a time of uncertainty. As local authorities make changes to the District Plans and policy we constantly need to question our level of safety and what it means to create a home and community within these rules.
When the work is viewed from behind a glass case, it stretches this metaphor even further through another layer of protection. Protected in Comfort is meant to be seen as part of everyday life as we experience a cultural beacon for ‘beware’ transformed into a symbol of warmth and care.

Location: St David’s, under stairs by visitors centre


Artist: MART 330 students
Project: Like A Room Without A Roof*

80+ students from the advertising specialisation kick off their experience by visually exploring their own individual creative spaces on campus. The interpretation of their physical ideation place as an expression of their personality will not contain people, just the (un) adorned temporarily appropriated space and their current tools to ‘make stuff’.
Location: Concrete walls in Link


Artist: Sara Rahmani
Project: Short Film

“This installation is 4:42min hand-drawn animation titled 'Streets of Dark Refrain' inspired by a song of the same name by songwriter John Porro. This animation criticizes the dark aspect of our modern age, namely, consumerism, organised religion, the education system and most importantly the bias towards scientific knowledge as opposed to art, creativity and ontology.

The work has been displayed at two international film festivals and nominated for the best music video at the Carmarthen Bay film festival (2014) in the UK. 

The video can be seen on this link:
Location: OUSA TV Screen opposite Union Food Court at entrance to the Student Art Exhibition & Sale



Artist: Stephanie Cossens
Project: Shark and octopus sand sculptures

“This is a site specific work that I created at The Dunedin School of Art last semester. This work was created in response to the treatment that the St Clair/ St Kilda beach line has endured from its human inhabitants over the past 150 years. The shark and octopus sand sculptures I have created reference the unheard voice of the coastal areas and marine wildlife that are threatened by the misuse and general disregard for the area. They serve to bring the issues surrounding the area to the forefront of the general public’s attention and hopefully to bring about a better awareness of the environment and its fragility”.
Location: Union Hall


Artist: Daniel Roberts
Project: Special Blend

“This is a work that I submitted for my final project of my 2nd year at Dunedin school of Art. The work is in response to my own personal struggle with a common addiction that most New Zealanders share. 

Sugar is delicious, that we cannot deny, it is essential with most baking and cooking but when abused it can have devastating results. Educating family members on the importance of fresh food and that slowly metabolizes has become a major motivation for me. 

New Zealand is experiencing an obesity epidemic which has reached 'crisis' point. Some opinions believe it is worse than smoking, and it is our kids that are suffering the most. Especially with the easily available soft drinks and candy. Alcoholic ready to drink beverages are the thorn in the heel for young adults. Packed full of sugar this can be seen as a direct link to the obesity problem, and a call for stricter regulations on soft drinks and sugary foods from health professionals is constantly ignored by our selective government.

Special blend 2012 depicts a nonpareils (100s and 1000s) skeleton emerging/ or depending on the viewer disintegrating out of or into a pile of nonpareils.

Special Blend was nominated for a NZAAT award in Wellington 2013, where it and I won alongside three other talented artists”.
Location: Entrance to Student Art Exhibition & Sale – MCR

Artist Writer Speed Dating

Informal networking with an art agenda. A great opportunity to meet and talk with other artists and writers.
Registrations for this event are now closed! Thanks to everyone who is taking part!

Location: Union - Main Common Room
Date: Wednesday 30th July
Time: 6pm – 7.30pm
Price: FREE nibbles & refreshments provided

OUSA Gallery Crawl

Location: All throughout the CBD
Date: Thursday 31st July
Time: 5pm-late (gallery close times vary)

Back by popular demand - OUSA’s late night gallery crawl. Visit some of Dunedin’s galleries and studios in a relaxed atmosphere. If you have never met the local arts community and you’re yearning for a fun art-filled experience – this one’s for you! Galleries open late with free refreshments at many and art for all.

Starting this year at 5pm at the Hocken Library with the exhibition opening of "Art Between the Covers: Artists & the Book (1930s – 1960s)", there will be free refreshments and nibbles, plus we are running free shuttles from the Hocken into the CBD from 5.30pm.

Pick up your map from OUSA Main Reception or download the PDF here.