Future DJ

It's the fight for the beat matchers, the match for the scratchers, and the fix for the mixers… Alright that's enough of that. The OUSA Future DJ competition is the DJ battle on campus that gives the bedroom DJ's of Otago their first shot at playing out, and puts some of the local DJ's up against their little known foes. The Future DJ comp is a sweet social night that gives DJ's the chance to win some extra booty (money that is…) and gives them a chance to show off their best 15 minute mix in an attempt to walk away with sweet prizes.

Future DJ is the easiest way for an upcoming DJ to get recognised and our past Future DJ's have gone on to big things! In 2010 DJ Dhalsim won and went on to win the Shapeshifter Remix competition, with his track featuring on the Hospital Records release of their System is a Remix album. In 2013, Ernesto Anenome took out the competition - congrats guy!

Enter the 2014 competition here!