Toga Party

Forsyth Barr Stadium
8pm – 11pm
Student only event
$24.90 +bf (Included in Super Pass)

For those who love going full primal with a bit of mild nudity and getting sweaty in a crowd, Toga Party is for you. Here in Dunedin, Toga Party and Ori are synonymous with each other and seen as a right of passage for every student.

First years usually assemble at their own respective halls, helping construct each other’s togas and making the journey down toward the watering hole together.

To aid one's ability in dressing for the occasion OUSA has provided a Pinterest Board with the best ways of attacking the toga-tying debacle.

This year the masses will be treated out to the incredible sounds of Sweet Mix Kids, the Shambles and Chandeliers! So give your bed sheets a few wraps around the body and a firm knot over the shoulder and join the pilgrimage to the stadium for a night of electrifying fun and entertainment.


Sweet Mix Kids

Auckland, New Zealand based DJ/Production duo Sweet Mix Kids have played the world's coolest parties & clubs - Coachella, Wanderlust and Rhythm & Vines music festivals, and toured supporting or playing private parties for Ed Sheeran, Schoolboy Q, Coldplay, Flume, Empire Of The Sun, Rae Sremmurd, Ryan Hemsworth & Baauer.

Sweet Mix Kids, aka Sandon James & Chris Scott's musical knowledge comes from decades in home and radio studios, crossing all genres with big production and first class collaborations. With over 500 shows performed in 2016, the Sweet Mix Kids DJ sets incorporate electronic drums & samplers, live instruments - mixing every genre in flamboyant live performances.

In 2016 Sweet Mix Kids released 2 new singles with Warner Music – ‘Wired’ ft. Iva Lamkum, and ‘With You’ ft. Vince Harder, along with videos shot in Brooklyn, New York and the Californian Desert. In December they released their free ‘REMIXTAPE’ featuring new & unreleased tracks with esteemed artists Tali, Ravines, Raigoo, Rei and TIMES X TWO. 2017 sees the release of more new original music, and a debut double album - ‘The Party / The Pretence.’

Check out Sweet Mix Kids on SoundCloud
Or watch on Youtube:
Sweet Mix Kids ft. Iva Lamkum - Wired (Official Video)
Sweet Mix Kids ft. Vince Harder (Tom Francis Edit) - With You (Official Video)

The Shambles

Confining the music produced by The Shambles to a singular genre would be like trying to describe what cuisine humans eat to aliens. Combining pop-bangers with soul, jazz and disco steez, let them take your eardrums on a space odyssey. The Shambles are a five-piece ensemble who met and made musical love in the deep south, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Check out The Shambles on Spotify
Or watch on Youtube:
The Shambles - Far From the Tree


Dunedin dark-pop outfit Chandeliers have recently released their sophomore EP entitled II. The EP is a step away from the band's previous work (Cassette, 2014); marking a more developed turn in the young foursome’s exuberant and anthemic guitar based indie rock.

“It’s the drawing to a close of our teenage years,” the band explains. “It’s a collection of songs written at high school that fitted really well together. We wanted to be more mature and we ended up writing darker stuff for a while”. “It’s a bit more grown-up.”

Check out Chandeliers on Bandcamp
Or watch on their Youtube Channel

Sports Day

Logan Park
Registration: 11.30am – 12.30pm, Kick off: 1:30pm
Free student event

It’s time to see who is the most elite in the kingdom! Nothing cuts through blades of grass like a first year hunting it’s prey on the sports field. You’ve been in your new habitat for a couple of days now, you know people’s faces and some of their names. Here’s an opportunity to have a frolick around and cement new friendships through some healthy competition - survival of the fittest!

In it’s 19th year, the event began in 1998 as a way to break the ice between colleges and provide a healthy non-alcoholic event for the primates. The day allows halls of residence to develop pride and excitement for their hall colony, with many colleges creating apparel for the event and piling on the face paint.

College Sports Day is organised by the University’s recreation centre, Unipol. More than fifty staff come together to bring the day to life, helping with refereeing, coordinating, setting up and packing down the arena.

The leader of each pack (the College heads) are always seen supporting their offspring and making good use of the feeding times. Last year the Vice Chancellor and her team hunted and gathered, providing nutritional sustenance for the masses, keeping the packs charging.

Sunscreen and filtered water will be available throughout the day. Most colleges also have a tent set up, providing a base for their herd to come and go throughout the day. Ice blocks and drinks will also be on hand to see the day through. Also on hand will be the School of Physiotherapy to manage any injuries from heated competition.

Don’t forget to practise your herd’s roar. There’s nothing quite showing off your stripes and intimidating your prey. Make sure you slip, slop, slap and wrap! Looking like a lobster at the Toga Party is likely to severely affect one's chances of finding a suitable mate.

Tent City

Radio One Open Air Sessions

Union Lawn
Monday 20 - Friday 24 February, 12pm-2pm
Free public event

Every Week day during Orientation, from midday to 2pm, Radio One 91FM DJs move their gadgets out of the studio and onto the OUSA Building balcony to blast audio lushness to the class of 2017.

12:00pm - 1:00 pm | DJ Toby Taylor

Host of the 'Friday Afternooner' on Radio One, Toby Taylor is a stone cold killer selector. His crate will be bursting at the seams with disco bap deliciousness and even if the weather is crud, as is sometimes the case in Dunedin, he is guaranteed to pour sunshine into your soul.

1:00pm - 2:00 pm | DJ Forté

Host of the 'Lyrics to Go Hip Hop Show' and member of new HipHop super-group 'THE H3RD' Forté has rocked parties all over NZ. With the ability to read a crowd and adapt immediately, the backbone of the party is always in safe hands. You can expect smooth HipHop vibes which span from Old to New School, and local MC's showcasing their talent during his set.

Tent City

Otago Museum Reserve
Monday 20 - Wednesday 22 February, 9am-4pm
Free public event

OUSA Tent City has been in existence for over a decade and is always extraordinary. Make sure you head along and discover the remarkable collection of wonders, all aimed to help you adapt to life in this wild environment. Tent City is the largest student expo of the year, with an abundance of fantastic opportunities and attractions for both students and members of the public. If you want the best deal on your phone plan, travel costs, electronics, ski passes, gym memberships, bank accounts or anything else, this is the place to forage for goodies.

Tent City runs during the day from Monday to Wednesday, and is a great place to hunt around for some bargains, browse, make new discoveries or just hang out and bask in the sun and atmosphere. Jam-packed full of interesting and lively marquees, be sure to set aside a few hours and stroll over to the Museum Reserve. Don’t forget to pick up as much free stuff as you can possibly get your hands on and have a chat to the Executive at the OUSA tent.

Daily Activities

Union Lawn

After a thorough forage through Tent City, cross the road and enjoy the Union Lawn environment with even more giveaways, free eats and activities. For those new to campus and unsure of the location, Union Lawn can be found smack bang in the middle of campus opposite the Union Food Court and right beside the OUSA offices.