SIX60 | Arma Del Amor | DJ Woody

Forsyth Barr Stadium
8pm – 12am
Student ticket: $55 (+BF) (Included in Super Pass)
GA ticket: $65 (+BF)


Somewhere within the confines of Dunedin’s 660 Castle Street, five Otago University students began plotting in the summer of 2008. Marlon Gerbes, Matiu Walters, Eli Paewai, Chris Mac and Ji Fraser picked up instruments, turned on amps, closed the door to keep the noise in, and SIX60 came to life. Since then the band have traversed tens of thousands of miles throughout Australasia, Europe and the USA, and transcended the loftiest of expectations placed upon them by their most diehard fans.

Careening between roots, soul, pop and dubstep; combining r & b with drum and bass; the band’s unorthodox marrying and mish-mashery between unlikely genres gained them favour throughout New Zealand in record time. Their popularity exploding from Dunedin outwards into the rest of the country, thanks to an enigmatic live show, infectious radio singles and a progressive onslaught of guerilla promotion via social media.

Eight years on sees the band with six New Zealand Music Awards, quadruple platinum album sales for their self-titled debut SIX60, and a double platinum on their sophomore.

Sold out nationwide tours and have become a regular fixture for the band; a sell out arena tour in 2015; and the sell out of Auckland’s Villa Maria Winery in 2016 are proof that SIX60 are here to stay.

Check out Six60 on Spotify
Or watch on Youtube:
Six60 - Don't Forget Your Roots
Six60 - Forever

Arma Del Amor

Arma Del Amor are a band whose sound resides on the ambient soul side of electronica.

Martine Harding and Danny Fairley, connected over their love of electronic music, and collaborated their talents to create a sound that resonates from within. The band began two years ago, and has since seen the release of two Digital EPs, countless live shows and appearances around New Zealand. Arma Del Amor perform as an impressive three piece band with their recently added drummer, Ricky Simmonds.

The band take inspiration from a broad range of artists, such as fellow soulful Kiwis ‘Shapeshifter’, electronic beat smith ‘Bonobo’, the ambience of ‘Little Dragon’, and a splash of ‘The XX’. Their sound is a blend of soulful hypnotic vocals over dreamy pads, chest swelling bass, and an uncompromising rhythm that takes you through the ridges and valleys of a sonic landscape. Unveiling and reconnecting with familiar, yet faded emotions.

Arma Del Amor have captivated live audiences with their vibrant stage presence and welcoming personalities at shows around New Zealand.

Check out Arma Del Amor on SoundCloud
Or watch on Youtube:
Arma Del Amor - The Watcher

DJ Woody

James Woods a.k.a DJ Woody has been mixing, cutting up, rocking clubs, parties, special events for the last 14 years. Since moving to Dunedin at the end of 2015, DJ Woody made his mark placing 2nd at the 2016 Future DJ Competition. We look forward to having DJ Woody as the opening act for what is sure to be a massive night all round.

Clubs Day

The Link, Union Building
10am – 4pm
Free student event

There is always safety in numbers, and in this wild jungle that is Otago University, the safest way to ensure successful survival is by congregating in packs with like-minded interests and similar skill sets.

Clubs Day is your chance to find your pack! Come along and check out some of the 150 plus clubs that exist on campus. They vary from sporting, cultural and religious groups, to the political, fanatical, weird and wonderful. Joining a club or society is a great way to meet like-minded people, and make the most of your Otago existence.

If you’d like to explore a faith, there are a number of religious societies available. However at the same time, there’s the Society of Atheists, Rationalists and Skeptics. Archery, badminton, cricket, diving, judo, volleyball and water polo are just some of the sports clubs. There are societies focused on human rights, charities, political parties and study subjects among many, many others.

With more than 100 clubs and societies on offer, there is guaranteed to be something to float your boat, possibly the yachting club? Clubs Day is the perfect opportunity to make new connections and immerse yourself in something new.

International Expo

Upstairs in The Link, Union Building
10.30am – 1pm
Free event for new international students

International students at the University of Otago represent more than 80 glorious countries on this planet we call Earth. The International Expo will introduce new international students to the opportunities and services they have available to them while studying at Otago and living in the Dunedin environment. Well worth a visit, it gives students a chance to meet university departments and organisations from the wider community.

The expo has been organised to ensure international students know they are a significant part of Dunedin’s society and that they have many avenues of support here, even though they are miles away from their home nest.

Tent City

Radio One Open Air Sessions

Union Lawn
Monday 20 - Friday 24 February, 12pm-2pm
Free public event

Every Week day during Orientation, from midday to 2pm, Radio One 91FM DJs move their gadgets out of the studio and onto the OUSA Building balcony to blast audio lushness to the class of 2017.

12:00pm - 1:00 pm | Synthesize Me

Packing a mixed bag of electronic splendour, from the coldest glacial wave to molten hot house, it's 'Synthesize Me', with Bianca, Emily & Renee. Every Tuesday on air, our resident drum machine loving keyboardonauts explore the outer territories of electronic music. During Orientation, we bring Synthesize me out into the open air to modulate your mind.

1:00pm - 2:00 pm | DJ Jack Foster

Jack is the host of Radio One's 'New Fangled' show which means he's always got his finger on the pulse, music wise. He's going to drop a bunch of tracks that you've probably never heard before, and blast a solid hour of future hits and silver plated selections. If you've never heard of it, Jack is packing it.

Tent City

Otago Museum Reserve
Monday 20 - Wednesday 22 February, 9am-4pm
Free public event

OUSA Tent City has been in existence for over a decade and is always extraordinary. Make sure you head along and discover the remarkable collection of wonders, all aimed to help you adapt to life in this wild environment. Tent City is the largest student expo of the year, with an abundance of fantastic opportunities and attractions for both students and members of the public. If you want the best deal on your phone plan, travel costs, electronics, ski passes, gym memberships, bank accounts or anything else, this is the place to forage for goodies.

Tent City runs during the day from Monday to Wednesday, and is a great place to hunt around for some bargains, browse, make new discoveries or just hang out and bask in the sun and atmosphere. Jam-packed full of interesting and lively marquees, be sure to set aside a few hours and stroll over to the Museum Reserve. Don’t forget to pick up as much free stuff as you can possibly get your hands on and have a chat to the Executive at the OUSA tent.

Daily Activities

Union Lawn

After a thorough forage through Tent City, cross the road and enjoy the Union Lawn environment with even more giveaways, free eats and activities. For those new to campus and unsure of the location, Union Lawn can be found smack bang in the middle of campus opposite the Union Food Court and right beside the OUSA offices.