When: anytime we are open (7 days a week!)

Price: $6.50 for our frozen Meals

Where: from the OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre at 84 Albany Street

Types of meals:We change up our meals regularly to keep things interesting and new. At present we have a range of Indian curries and super tasty Yums. Specific flavours include (but are not limited to): Cornhill Cottage Pie, Sweet N Sour Pulled Pork, Chilli Mac Cheese, Chicken Fettuccune, Morccan Vege Tagine; vege and chicken korma; and chicken or vege fenugreek.

Benefits: Benefits: Yummy, nutritious, value for money, cooked locally (none of that processed factory stuff)

Suppliers: Your Pro Chef and Tandooree Garden

Please Note: All meals are frozen - they can be taken away or heated within the Centre (we have multiple microwaves onsite)

Enquiries to: Clubs and Societies Centre, 479 5960