OUSA Grants

OUSA helps Clubs and students as individuals by providing grants.

Clubs must be affiliated to OUSA and have completed Affiliation requirements for the current year. Grants are not funded retrospectively so getting your application in by the Closing Date is important.

Those intending to apply for a Grant should read the OUSA Grants Policy and the Application Guidelines.

Individual Grants are available to individuals for specific projects or for representation or attendance at national or international events. Club and Faculty Grants are intended for applications by groups only.

Clubs are eligible for 2 successful grants per year. Clubs must be affiliated to OUSA. If you have any questions regarding grants, please contact cdo@ousa.org.nz , or call 03 479 5608.

OUSA Grants Policy [PDF] and OUSA Grants Criteria [PDF]

OUSA Grant Deadlines for 2016:

  • Wednesday 31st August
  • Wednesday 28th September
  • Wednesday 26th October
  • Wednesday 7th December

Past Funded Grants:

OUSA Approved Grants 2011 [PDF]
OUSA Approved Grants 2012 [PDF]
OUSA Approved Grants 2013 [PDF]
OUSA Approved Grants 2014 [PDF]
OUSA Approved Grants 2015 [PDF]

Apply for a grant:

Welcome to the OUSA Grants Portal. If you are making an application to OUSA for the first time, you’ll need to register with our portal, just follow this link:

Individual OUSA Grant

You need to register with your @student.otago.ac.nz or @otago.ac.nz email address.

If you’ve already registered on our grants portal, you can login by entering your student or University email address and password, and clicking the ‘Login’ button.

The Grants Portal for affiliated Clubs and Societies is working (but also a work in progress, went live 15/09/2016)

If you want to apply for a grant for your Club or Society, then follow the link below and register yourself.

The first time each of our Affiliated Clubs or Societies applies for a grant, we will need to add the Club or Society to our system. Once added we will make a designated member/s administrators of the portal from where they will be able to apply for grants for the Club or Society. Our new system only allows @student.otago.ac.nz or @otago.ac.nz email address to be registered - this will mean that only students can administer their affiliated Clubs or Societies via the portal and in turn apply for grants.

Please bear with us we are trying our best, this is a new system and it is designed to make things better for everyone.

Affiliated Clubs and Societies Grants


University Grants

The Vice-Chancellor makes discretionary grants for students competing in an international event or competition. These may be accessed in addition to OUSA grants.

Guidelines for VC Student Grants [PDF]
Download a Student Application Form