Life in a College of Residence

You'll make all of your best friends in your Hall. Together you'll go through the best of times, the worst of times. You'll be at your happiest. You'll be at your loneliest. Living 24/7 with lots of other people is a challenge.

Questions to think about

  • there must be heaps of questions to go here
  • What if Hall life isn't for me and I want to get out of my contract?
  • Who can I have a straightforward, honest talk to before I sign up for a Hall?

What others say

  • I wish I'd known a bit more about the reputations of each hall - I had no idea which to choose when I had to and just went with whatever my friends from home put down.
  • It's always noisy - I can't sleep or study!
  • The other residents eat my food! They don't understand my needs!
  • I wish I'd known what the alternatives were so I could make an informed decision
  • Best time of my life. THE BEST!

What OUSA says

  • OUSA says this
  • and this
  • we're also handy with advice about this
  • here's another thing from us
  • and this is the best bit ever