Outside the lecture theatre...

It's important that you lift your head out of the books occasionally and take a look around. Look at all the things you'll miss if you don't!
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Follow your interests

  • If your College doesn't work out as a good source of new friends, then the club/s you join will
    - Through OUSA you can join up to 100 clubs, covering any strange or random interest.
    Here's a quick sample: some sporting clubs = alpine sports, archery, white water canoeing, fencing, rowing, rugby, debating, shooting, squash, tramping, running...
    Some interest/ cultural/ spiritual/ political clubs = African Students' Association, Roleplaying Society, Shamanic Circle, Meditation, Campus Greens, International Socialist Organisation, Capoeira, Amnesty International, Sai Youth, Catholic Society...
    If you can't find a club for you in the link below, put a notice in Critic, find 15 people interested in your thing, and start your own. Drinking = not a club; it's a sign you have no other friends...
  • Learn new stuff
    - So we also run short recreation courses. Called 'get a taste' they're designed to let you get a taste of new things. They're nothing to do with your degree, they're all through our OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre, and all for fun.
    Here're some of the courses people are taking right now: African drumming, wine tasting, car repair, breakdancing, Indian cooking, into to pool playing, Russian for beginners, sustainable flatting... and there's heaps more where these came from.

What others say

  • Food is a lot less expensive if you bring our own lunch to uni; you can use the communal microwaves
  • Dunedin is a great city, take time out once in a while to walk / bus around and see what's out there (not just the CBD)
  • You should probably buy an umbrella. Or a raincoat.
  • Traffic will try and run you down when jay walking around the north end of dunedin (ie scarfie land)
  • That scarfie drinking stuff - it's all hype. Most of us aren't mindless pissheads (sorry)
  • The Dunedin City council/newspaper/weather are all generally crap. How I miss the dom post!
  • Everything is within walking distance
  • It's a really good 'student town', everyone's pretty lax about everything...

Dunedin things to do

  • Bookmark the gig guides in our Links (below) to keep up with what's going on
  • We love going to the Botanic Gardens and visiting the aviary
  • Or hopping into a friend's car to go down to the albatross colony at the end of the peninsula (can't afford the admittance fee? Go just before sunset!)
  • Cadbury World - good or bad, we don't know. But is there one in your home town? No.
  • On your way out along the Peninsula, go to the marine studies aquarium at Portobello. Small entrance fee. Cool mariney things.
  • And just over the other side of the Peninsula from Portobello: Sandfly Bay, where the yellow-eyed penguins shuffle home at dusk. (Be prepared for the HUGE sand dune you have to walk back up)
  • Still in a car: Shag Point, just north past Palmerston - about 40 mins drive - is in fact named for the shag colony; there's also a track to the next bay where you can see yellow eyed penguins without the sand dune experience.
  • Go up the hill behind Waikouaiti (on your way back to town?) and check out the first farm buildings from the area.
  • Cheap theatre every Thursday/ Friday lunchtime during semester: the theatre studies 40 min plays at Lunchtime Theatre, Allen Hall
  • Sell your things (now you're a Whole New Person) at the monthly OUSA Market Days
  • Check out the array of eateries along George Street - Thai, Irish, Japanese, Chinese, Pizza, Fusion, Korean... - and at mostly reasonable prices

Being a Scarfie

  • Dunedin is a bit more conservative than where you're from; students aren't allowed to just get on with it: everyone has an opinion about us!
  • There's a massive and vibrant (and a bit underground) arts and music scene here; Dunedin is world famous for it
  • Advice: don't mention the new Dunedin stadium to anyone over the age of 30, especially taxi drivers!
  • Between most of the bars and most of the Colleges are Dunedin's two main highways. If you see lights coming toward you at night as you're wandering back to your Hall, wait on the footpath for the lights to pass. They won't stop for you. In fact, a lot of the time they'll speed up... and when they're a huge truck, it's not pretty
  • Keep in touch with your family, your old friends, and be chillaxed about making new friends. It can take a little while.
  • $3 veggie lunches at OUSA Clubs and Socs Centre have saved many a scarfie from starvation
  • Campus Watch is worth plugging into your cellphone, in case you need them late at night
  • Scarfieville is also burg-central. Career criminals see students as a soft touch - lock your door/s when you leave for Uni
  • At time of writing, Air New Zealand are offering $49 one way standby student fares to a number of places in NZ to Dunedin & Hamilton students only.
  • Airport shuttles: there is an official shuttle - but it can be the expensive option. Better instead to book your own shuttle, and have it waiting at the airport for you when you arrive. Kiwi Shuttles seem to be the cheapest, at $15 - $20 (link below) or Naked Bus - around $10, but you need to book theirs online in advance

What OUSA says

  • OUSA runs Orientation, organises Capping and heaps of other gigs and events; some of them welcome High School students (but until you're a Uni student, it's at the Public price unfortunately)
  • We recommend listening to Radio 1 (91FM) - the student radio station that's in touch with what's going on
  • The World really does continue on past the Octagon
  • Get involved in activities outside your lecture times - join clubs, play sport, volunteer (Critic writer? Radio 1 DJ? Events crew member? Volunteer centre in town?) - you'll get used to the Uni experience that much sooner
  • Feeling alone? Call home. As well. you can talk to us, go and see the Chaplains in the Union Building (they don't mind if it happens you're not the most god-fearing person on the planet), chat to an R.A - don't ignore your feelings of loneliness and/or isolation.