OUSA is your guide to all things studently. We're you, in a few years time. We know what you really want to know about coming to Uni. We've put all the big questions together on this page. Behind these buttons you'll find the basics about flatting, finding the right Hall (or College, as we call 'em now), studying, life around here in general, and what we - OUSA - are to you. (We ARE you!)
Each section tells you what the basic terms mean, what questions you should ask before signing that bit of paper (be it your enrolment form, your lease, your college application...), what advice people have who've done it, and what we say - as well as a few links to both official and unofficial websites to help you get to grips with things.
This is your one stop shop for thinking about Otago Uni - and we're adding to it all the time. Stick with us - and you'll be ok!

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Which is the best College of Residence for you? Do you even WANT to be in a College?
Flatting pitfalls, finding a flat, and the Uni flatting list
From the very basic - what IS a paper? - to the in depth - what are my rights? - to advice from others - going late into a lecture = awkward. Especially when it's the wrong lecture.
If you're new to Dunedin or you've live here since you were a bubby, here's some surprising stuff you want to know
We're run by students for students, we're one hundred percent undeniably and definitely about YOU. And that's just the beginning...

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