University of Otago Blues and Golds are the highest honours OUSA can present to students who have excelled in Sport, Arts, Culture or Services to these activities.

This Year (2013) the Blues and Golds Awards Ceremonies will jointly held at the Sargood Centre with a ceremony celebrating the diverse range of extracurricular activities at Otago and those who excel in their chosen passion. This gorgeous venue is located in Logan Park, in the historic building formerly known as the Dunedin Art Gallery, and offers a stunning, modern interior. The Awards shall be presented at a Cocktail Evening, with non-alcoholic options and canap├ęs. We are having two special guest speakers, each representing the sporting and cultural spheres of distinction, as well as members from the sporting and cultural communities.

Nominations opened on the 3rd of June at 2013 and will close on the 2nd of August. Please hand any forms into the OUSA Clubs Development Team at the OUSA Recreation Centre on Albany Street by 5pm. Email if you have any enquiries. Those deemed to have excelled to the highest degree in their chosen field shall be conferred their awards at the University of Otago Blues and Golds Awards Ceremony. Anybody is able to nominate appropriate persons they believe to be of sufficient merit to have one of the Awards bestowed upon them. OUSA Affiliated Clubs and Societies are welcome to nominate themselves for the OUSA Sports Club and Society of the Year Awards.

Nominations for 2013 Blue and Gold awards open Monday June 3rd 2013, at 9am.

Nomination Forms:

The Awards

University of Otago Golds Award
The Golds Awards are the highest accolade that the University of Otago community can bestow on those University of Otago students involved in the cultural sphere. They reward excellence and exceptional achievement in the students chosen cultural or artistic field. This year marks the 12th year that the OUSA has presented and awarded Golds Awards for cultural excellence and achievement. 

University of Otago Blues Award 
The Blues Awards for sporting excellence are a long standing tradition that have been awarded at the University of Otago for over 100 years; these are the greatest accolade that can be awarded to those University of Otago students that excel in their chosen field of sport.

Sportsperson of the Year Award
This was first awarded in 1960 and recognises the most outstanding sportsperson at the University of Otago for the year.

Maori Sportsperson of the Year Award 
This taonga was first awarded in 2000; it recognises the most outstanding Maori Sportsperson at the University of Otago who has best represented Maori through his or her performances in top level sport. 

OUSA Coach of the Year Award
Introduced this year to recognise the significant input and achievements of coaches to clubs in the community. This new award is available to any coach coaching an OUSA affiliated club or any University of Otago student coaching anywhere in the country.

OUSA Silver Service Award
OUSA awards an OUSA Silver Service Award to students at the University of Otago and members of its affiliated Sports Clubs and Societies to recognise the exceptional contributions made by these people in OUSA Club Administration, Humanitarian, Community, Environmental, or other relevant volunteer involvement.

University of Otago Graduates' Association Contribution to Arts and Culture Award
Recognises both University of Otago students and non-students who have made significant contributions to University life or to OUSA affiliated Societies.

University of Otago Graduates' Association Contribution to Sport Award
Recognises individuals, both students at the University of Otago and those who are not, who have made significant contributions to OUSA Sports Clubs over a number of years. This may involve club administration, coaching, refereeing, umpiring, managing, judging, and other contributors considered worthy by the OUSA Blues Panel.

OUSA Sport Club of the Year Award and OUSA Society of the Year Award
Recognises excellence in the administration of a club, club activity, and promotion of OUSA in a positive light (in context of the aims of the club) from OUSA affiliated Sports Clubs/Societies.