Contact: Kate Avery

For anyone even moderately interested in dancing (or dancers) ODA is the club to check out. ODA provides everyone with the opportunity to be a part of a dance community, develop their skills, and showcase their talents with peers and in performances.

ODA offers six classes every week which members may attend at their own leisure, and which cross over a huge range of dance styles (basically everything you can think of). Classes cater to all levels from those who have danced all their lives to those who were born with two left feet.

ODA members also have the opportunity to perform in productions and showcases, and to socialise with a talented and interesting group of people at events. With a unique and welcoming environment, ODA is the perfect place for people to find, develop, or hone their dance skills, making a few great friends in the process.

For more information visit our website and be sure to join the Facebook group at

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