01: Inner campus

  • Obviously, you're super-close to campus - A+ for convenience.
  • As so many students live here, it's a bit of a social hub.
  • Town is fairly close
  • Many students in this area are grubby and noisy. You may face walking to school through broken glass and chunky mixed veg with 2 min noodles.
  • There isn't much common space, and there's little or no greenery.
  • This is the most expensive area a student can live in - a lot of flats here are overpriced for how good they are.
  • Because you don't have to walk far each day, you don't get much exercise.

  • 02: The Valley and beyond:

    North East Valley, Woodhaugh, Pine Hill and Ravensbourne
  • It's cheap!
  • "Real people" live around here as well as students. It has a homey vibe. Good for pet owners.
  • North East Valley has a great bus service and lots of other amenities. Buses run every 15 minutes on weekdays during work hours.
  • Some nice views and greenery.
  • You will be known as a Valley girl/guy.
  • Cons:
  • A bit of a walk to Uni - 15-25 minutes (burn off that fresher 5!)
  • Much of the houses in these areas are cold old-style Dunedin villas which tend to repel the sun. Expect to pay a bit more for heating.

  • 03: City Rise

    This area runs/. from Pitt to Stuart St one way, and from Arthur St/Royal Terrace to George St the other way.
  • In the lower City Rise area, you're pretty close to uni, from 12 minutes walk upwards, depending how far up the hill you’re living.
  • There are some very reasonably priced and good quality flats in this area.
  • Cons:
  • Getting home involves a vertical hill climb.
  • You're a little further from major amenities.
  • Dunedin's weather can mean an icy skid to school on winter mornings.

  • 04: Octagon to Oval

    (aka Centre City)
    This area includes Princess St, and the streets which run off it up the hill, including High St, Stafford St and Carroll St.
  • It's cheap!
  • Apartments can be pretty sweet
  • Many of the flats are old villas, but they get sun.
  • If you don't live too far up the hill, you can walk almost the whole way to school under the cover of shop verandas – a plus on rainy Dunedin days.
  • Buses run along princes street to uni (and back) every 30 minutes weekdays
  • Cons:
  • It's a little further if you want to walk – from 20 minutes upwards.
  • It's harder to feel safe walking at night in this area.
  • Apartments can be fairly expensive.

  • 05: South D

    Down past the oval, out towards the beaches is a mystical place called South Dunedin (or just South D, to those in the know). It's home to St Clair and St Kilda beaches, Mitre 10 Mega, Pak n Save, the big Warehouse and Carisbrook stadium.
  • It's super cheap – some real bargains out there!
  • Walk to the beach on the weekend (in summer, at least).
  • It's away from the 'Student Ghetto' so it's generally cleaner, tidier, and quieter.
  • There are lots of buses to bring you in to uni every day
  • You can do your groceries at Pak n Save and, well, save!
  • Cons:
  • Walking isn’t so much an option so you’ll need to car pool, bike or learn to love buses.
  • Your taxi home at 4am on Saturday morning will be more expensive.
  • It's still South D.