April 2015 By-Election - Education and Campaigns Officers

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The following people have been nominated to stand as candidates for these positions on the OUSA Executive:

Education Officer


Zachariah Roy Al-Alami   

Nominated by Kate Fowler. Seconded by Nicholas Findlay.

Hi, my name is Zachariah. I am running for the position of Education Officer. Let’s be honest, nobody really understands the bureaucracy that plagues the University; so, I want to keep it short and simple on what I am advocating for:

Increasing a strong first year achievement. Decrease the number of drop out freshers (yes get your degree’s). We want you to stay.

I support the raising of the ‘7.0 EFTS LIMIT’. This extends how long we, as students, can study with a loan. The University should have an obligation to support their students’ future.

There has been talk that Hyde St will not go ahead next year. I strongly support this event to continue, as it has been at the University since the dawn of time.

Education is the reason why you’re here (along with the scarfie lifestyle) and a strong voice is what YOU want, so YOU can get the most out of it.

Educating the children since 1995. Cheers, Zac



Laura Harris  

Nominated by Mariana Te Pou. Seconded by Lynda van Barneveld.

Hi, I'm Laura and I am running for re-election as your Education Officer. As 2014 Education officer I:

- Established and helped co-run lunchtime events during Summer School.
- Pushed for the class rep system to be improved.
- Had trigger warnings for lectures on sensitive material successfully implemented.

This year I would like to:
- Focus the Recreation Centre as a study space around exam time.
- Create an ‘Education Network’ of students to promote representation from all departments.
- Continue to ensure that access to academic support is of utmost priority and readily available to all students.

Vote for experience you can trust. Vote Laura Harris.



Anton Hovius

Nominated by Nina Harrap. Seconded by Erin Broughton.

Tertiary education is no longer free, and most of us will leave university $22,000 in debt for our degree alone. Sure, chuck out that letter from IRD, but stop to look at the number of zeroes there, and consider what you’re getting for that… they don’t match up.

There are simples things that can be done; live-streaming all lectures, fixing exam special considerations problems, and lobbying against the 7 EFTS student loan limit (for you med students), but we need to be willing to push hard for these desperately needed changes and more. So please vote for me.


Campaigns Officer


Nicholas (Nick) Findlay

Nominated by Sarita Christensen. Seconded by Zachariah R Al-Alami.

Nick here,

Lets not waste time. As campaigns officer I want improve life for students by championing your views.

Here's what I want to get behind; continuing Hyde street and without more restrictions- we're all adults here we don’t want babysitting, opposing any DCC change to local alcohol policy without taking into account student views(we live here too). Greater representation of the student body on the university council and greater support for clubs/societies and improving the sub par standards of flats.

Basically you just have a good time and get decent degrees. Back me to back you.



Sean Gamble

Nominated by Jarred Griffiths. Seconded by Evie Beentjes.

Hey, I’m Sean and I study 3rd year Law and Politics. I believe OUSA’s Campaigns have been great and I want to continue to support them with some new approaches.

My experience is:

  • I have campaigned for campus groups for the past 3 years
  • I have been Treasurer and Secretary of university clubs
  • I am organised and willing to put time into Campaigns
  • I once got 155 ups on Yik Yak (lol jokes it was 77)

What I would like to do for the Campaigns role:

  • Increase communication between OUSA and students when it comes to campaigns
  • Engage more students in OUSA’s campaigns

Vote Gamble for Campaigns



Henry Napier

Nominated by Caleb O’Neill. Seconded by Maddison Crawford.

I’m not here to make sweeping claims about how I’m going to save the scarfie lifestyle. It doesn’t need saving. In my experience, students don’t need help having a good time.

What I do care about is areas where OUSA can really help. A key focus issue of mine on is night time safety. There is currently no campaign that help protect students, or help them protect themselves, from that kind of danger. That’s something I want to change.

I will campaign my hardest for any issues that are key to OUSA and to students. I’m dedicated to this role and have students best interests at heart.

It’s alright not to care about student politics, just let me care for you.

Good luck to all the candidates.

Voting is open from 9am on Monday 4 May 2015 until 4pm on Thursday 7th May 2015


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