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Golden Zonta Club

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Golden Zonta Club

University of Otago Golden Zonta Club

Golden Z clubs help university students develop leadership skills, promote career exploration and encourage members to participate in the community, school and international service projects. Zonta is an International Organisation of professions working to advance the status of women. A Golden Z Club is the University level club with only one other currently in New Zealand. The Golden Z Club gives back to the local community through service and advocacy and hosting events for local charities and organisations. Our mission is to support women to feel empowered so they can succeed freely in an equal and safe environment.



Weekly meetings at 5 pm on Monday, please send us an email for the zoom link!


Facebook Page

The club has created an A to Z Facebook page. Our aim is to foster an environment in which everyone is able to feel safe, and comfortable around the uni area at all hours of the day. This is why A to Z has been created in order to create an avenue where we can meet up with others on nights out, or late nights at the library and walk home together.

For example, if you’re at a flat party on Hyde street, but are wanting to go back to your flat on Queen but somehow have lost all your friends, you can post something like ‘hey, is anyone keen to walk from Hyde street to queen in about 15 minutes?’, without giving any particular house numbers on the page, you can then head to private messages with anyone that comments and is in the same boat. You then don’t have to go with either waiting out until you find someone you know to walk you home, or doing the sometimes dangerous, walk home by yourself.