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Naginata for Beginners

Naginata for Beginners

Naginata is a modern and multi-faceted budo art. You can enjoy the excitement of participating in competition fights or enjoy the gentler discipline of perfecting the movements of Shikake-Oji and Kata. Fights in Naginata are full contact and fast. 

The nature of the naginata weapon means that height and strength are of less importance than skill and timing. Shikake-Oji forms are used for learning various strikes (waza) and positions (kamae) used in fighting. Kata are set techniques that are a connection to the traditional Naginata schools from which the modern martial art was developed.

Like other budo arts such as kendo and iaido, naginata practitioners strive to develop their character through training. Self-discipline and proper etiquette are integral to the good practice of this budo art.

This beginners course will teach students the foundation skills of handling a naginata, along with hapo-buri, datotsu and the first three Shikake-Oji forms.

NAGINATA FOR BEGINNERS Tuesdays 7:00 - 8:30pm 5 sessions starting 3rd September 2019
Ending 1st October 2019
Fee: $35.00 Bring Comfortable exercise clothing, plus a drink bottle.
Dance Studio, OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre
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