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Breathworks with Darran Ingram

Breathworks with Darran Ingram



Breathworks with Darran Ingram


Breathwork classes offer a unique and effective approach to managing stress and anxiety through breathing techniques. By controlling the breath, individuals can release tension, improve mental clarity, and connect with their inner selves. Breathwork is also known to enhance physical health by reducing blood pressure and boosting the immune system. Whether you are seeking relaxation or looking to improve your overall wellbeing, breathwork can be a valuable addition to your self-care routine.



Breathing is directly linked to our body's stress response.

Breathwork sessions which can help with

-Asthma management

-Chronic respiratory disorders e.g. COPD


-Shoulder, neck or upper back pain


-Stress Management

Breathing is directly linked to our bodies stress response.

What to expect:

We’ll begin with a short introduction: Darran will talk about the benefits of Breathwork 

We’ll then gently move our bodies to sound, helping us to open up our breath

You’ll then get super cosy on the mat and be guided through a simple yet profound breathwork journey. 

Sink into the mat, sit up or use a chair for a 20 min guided meditation

An opportunity to connect with fellow participants and share your experience (completely optional)

We’ll close with a sharing circle (optional) 

No previous breathwork or mediation experience required


How should I prepare?

Wear loose comfy clothing, not restricted around the waist ideally

Bring your water bottle and a notepad/ pen for any journaling you may wish to do after your session

Mats, pillows & blankets are provided however you can bring your own for added comfort

Try to avoid alcohol, caffeine and heavy meals 2 hours prior to the session

Turn your mobile phone off (or to flight mode, not just silent) 

BREATHWORKS WITH DARRAN INGRAM STREAM 1 Tuesday 6:00 - 7:00pm 1 session starting 30th May 2023
Ending 30th May 2023
Fee: $0.00 Bring Comfy loose clothing, water, gold coin koha is appreciated
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