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Clubs Training - Queer 101 Workshop

Clubs Training - Queer 101 Workshop


Clubs Training - Queer 101 Workshop

Understanding and Supporting the LGBTQIA+ Community is a workshop that aims to empower those wanting to gain more knowledge around the rainbow community and some methods of best practice.

With a significant proportion of society being a part of this community everyone knows of someone in this community, even if you don’t know it, which makes this a relevant topic for all. Knowledge is one of the best ways to combat discrimination, exclusion and lack of understanding, which is what this workshop aims to do. Focusing on understanding the identities the LGBTQIA+ community encompasses, it will offer practical tips on how to be more mindful and considerate when interacting with, working with, and representing those within the community. By the end of this workshop, you will have had the opportunity to:

  • Gain a simple definition of the LGBTQIA+ identities within the community and common terminology
  • Interactive activities and discussions to help consolidate the learning
  • Discuss some practices to put into place to offer more mindful and empathetic support towards members of the queer* community
  • Recommendations
  • Everyday applications
  • Ask questions: Everyone comes with their own knowledge and experiences, so feel free to contribute this to discussion


This workshop is specifically for OUSA Clubs and Societies.

This workshop is delivered by OUSA Student Support, Queer Support Coordinator.  

QUEER101 WORKSHOP Thursday 2pm-5pm 1 session starting 26th August 2021
Ending 26th August 2021
No class on Snacks provided
Fee: $0.00 Bring Pen and paper
OUSA Otago Room, Clubs and Socs Building, 84 Albany Steet