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"Huuuuuuuuuh phoooooooooo, huuuuuuuuhhhh fhoooooo" (tranquil sounds in the background), essence sticks burning. Ahhh that's nice, welcome to the quiet zone! 

So, you're interested in mediation. Good choice. Let's do it together.

Meditation begins by sitting (or lying) comfortably in a nice quiet place, close your eyes, calm your mind and focus on your breath (in and out, in and out). Focus your attention to the hear and now, let your worries dissipate and sound pass-through as if you are absent entirely.  Remain calm, remain still, you are light and relaxed. As you breathe in for 5 seconds and out for 5 seconds cast your thoughts into a lock-box. Work your way up from your toes to your head slowly relaxing every inch of your body. Again, slowly breath in and exhale out.

Want more? You can focus your attention on a variety of things such as colours, natural wonders, flora and fauna, childhood memories or gratitude. What you are trying to do is train your mind to pause or reflect thoughts and emotions redirecting them to self-awareness and a state of content. This is incredibly hard to do (especially now) but not unfathomable and overtime it becomes easier.

One of our favourite online providers for guided meditation is headspace. For Covid-19 specifically, they have crafted a unique series called "weathering the storm". This collection covers meditation, sleep and movement exercise free for all. This can be accessed online or via their free app.