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Mend and Make new

Mend and Make new

At OUSA we love to find ways to live more sustainably. It has become all too easy to throw clothing away when they are damaged, or store them in the back of the cupboard never to see the light of day again and then buy something new because we "NEED" it. BUT there are some easy ways to give your most loved clothing items a second life. Here we have compiled some great ways to update and repair some of your favourite clothing items. No need to throw them away!

HERE are the five essential stitches you need to now for basic sewing repairs.

But we also have some more creative (but easy) ideas  for reparing holes or damage in your favourite item:

Add colour patches to fix and mend HERE

Turn holes into decorations HERE

Sashiko  Denim repair HERE

Cover a stain with embroidery HERE

Simple tips for patching HERE