Daily Interactive Installations

Daily Interactive Installations

The Link - Wednesday - Friday

The Link will come to life with arty Interactive Installations that all students can get involved with. Check out the daily schedule below!

Wednesday 8 August - 11am - 4pm

Make Space: Create Felt Geodes

Presented by textile artist Alicia Hall and Student Soul. This pop-up workshop introduces you to the wonderful world of felting, and gives you the opportunity to make beautifully-coloured felt geodes. Make one for yourself, and another to add to our art installation.

Quick, fun and free!

Thursday 9 August - 9.30am - 3pm

Thursday's In Black: T-Shirt Printing Project

Thursdays in Black is a national student/whānau movement towards a world without rape and sexual violence. Coordinated in conjunction with the New Zealand Union of Students' Associations (NZUSA), TIB is working with students at educational institutions to raise awareness of sexual assault in student communities, lead education and conversation that changes the culture surrounding sexual violence, and improve institutional responses.

We encourage students, staff, and people everywhere to wear black on Thursdays as a way to show that you support the mahi of Thursdays in Black, and stand in solidarity with survivors.

The Thursday's In Black team will be hosting a tee shirt printing day as part of Art Week so make sure you bring along something black to print on and show your support!

Friday 10 August - All Day

Forth Plinth - Open Stage

We will be utilising the idea of the 'Forth Plinth' which originated in Trafalgar Square, London where a giant outdoor plinth was originally intended to hold an equestrian statue of William IV but remained bare due to insignificant funds. Over 150 years the fate of the plinth was highly debated but nothing ever eventuated until they finally decided to remain this forth plinth as a rolling programme of temporary artworks rather than settling permanently on one figure or idea to commemorate.

For Friday we encourage students to be creative with the open stage we have in The Link to utilise this space how they see fit. This can be across all sorts of mediums such as improv, poetry reading, theatre, sculptures, music etc... the art is in your hands and what you would like to do with this space!

There will be no schedule for the day, so the space is yours if you see it free!