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Queer Friendly Staff Network

This is a group of staff who have completed the FREE Queer101 workshop with OUSA Queer Support in order to increase their knowledge of the queer community. They have then been interviewed individually to ensure they are in fact queer-friendly before they are admitted to the Queer Friendly Staff Network. These staff members can be great to talk to if you are having issues around inappropriate behavior within your department or can also be a friendly person to talk to about anything. Check down below to see who has been trained within your department and if you can’t find anyone there then you may want to ask your departmental head to get their staff some training!


We are offering a brand new workshop!

Queer102: Cultural Considerations in the LGBTQIA+ Community is a morning workshop that aims to explore the cultural identities and their terms within the rainbow community. We discuss some of the cultural identities common in New Zealand, and the challenges that come with being apart of this intersection of culture and sex/sexuality/gender. 

To book in for our 2019 workshops email q.support@ousa.org.nz with your name, contact details and department. 

Department Name Email
Abbey College John Seaton john.seaton@otago.ac.nz
Admissions and Enrolment Rebecca Mhyre rebecca.mhyre@otago.ac.nz
Anatomy Ellie Stevens ellie.stevens@otago.ac.nz
Anatomy Rachel Lissaman rachel.lissaman@otago.ac.nz
Arana College Jude Loza jude.loza@otago.ac.nz
Biochemistry Wayne Patrick wayne.patrick@otago.ac.nz
Botany Paul Guy paul.guy@otago.ac.nz
Botany Anna Wood anna.wood@otago.ac.nz
Campus Watch Alannah Johnson alannah.johnson@otago.ac.nz 
Campus Watch Annabel Cole  annabel.cole@otago.ac.nz
Career Development Yvonne Gaut yvonne.gaut@otago.ac.nz
Career Development Jackie Dean jackie.dean@otago.ac.nz
Career Development Gabrielle McKenzie gabby.mckenzie@otago.ac.nz
Centre for Sustainability Felicity Topp felicity.topp@otago.ac.nz
Centre for Sustainability Gwenda Crawford gwenda.crawford@otago.ac.nz
Chaplaincy Greg Hughson greg.hughson@otago.ac.nz
Chemistry Anna Garden anna.garden@otago.ac.nz
City College Stew Noguer Blue citycollege.associatehead@otago.ac.nz
College of Education Karen Nairn karen.nairn@otago.ac.nz
College of Education Steven Sexton steven.sexton@otago.ac.nz
English and Linguistics  Dave Ciccoricco dave.ciccoricco@otago.ac.nz
Faculty of Law Selene Mize selene.mize@otago.ac.nz
Faculty of Law Ruth Molloy ruth.molloy@otago.ac.nz
Faculty of Law Marcelo Rodriguez Ferrere marcelo.rodriguez.ferrere@otago.ac.nz
Faculty of Law Ruth Ballantyne ruth.ballantyne@otago.ac.nz
Faculty of Law Valmai Bilsborough-York valmai.bilsborough-york@otago.ac.nz
Film and Media Paulette Milnes paulette.milnes@otago.ac.nz
Film and Media Dr Rosemary Overall rosemary.overell@otago.ac.nz
Genetics Elaine Emmerson elaine.emmerson@otago.ac.nz
Graduate Research School Claire Gallop claire.gallop@otago.ac.nz
Head of Marine Science Abby Smith abby.smith@otago.ac.nz
Health Science Programme Jo Oranje jo.oranje@otago.ac.nz
Human Resources Julie Dlaskova julie.dlaskova@otago.ac.nz
Human Resources Lindsay Robertson lindsay.robertson@otago.ac.nz
International Louisa Samson louisa.samson@otago.ac.nz
International Simone Freeman simone.freeman@otago.ac.nz
International Business Mark Wilesmith mark.wilesmith@otago.ac.nz
ITS Finance and Administration Gail Arthur gail.arthur@otago.ac.nz
Law Simon Connell simon.connell@otago.ac.nz
Law Anna High anna.high@otago.ac.nz
Medical School Jane Millichamp jane.millichamp@otago.ac.nz
Medical School Leslie Turner leslie.turner@otago.ac.nz
Medical School Amara Boyd amara.boyd@otago.ac.nz
Music Ian Chapman ian.chapman@otago.ac.nz
Otago Polytechnic Naell Crosby-Roe Naell.Crosby-Roe@op.ac.nz
Otago Polytechnic- Midwifery  Kerrie Wilson Kerrie.Wilson@op.ac.nz
OUSA Tom Tremewan tom@r1.co.nz
OUSA Donna Jones donna@ousa.org.nz
OUSA Chris Armstrong chris@r1.co.nz
Pharmacy Aynsley Peterson aynsley.peterson@otago.ac.nz 
Physiology Denise Cone denise.cone@otago.ac.nz
Physiotherapy Rachel Wallace rachel.wallace@otago.ac.nz
Politics Prof Janine Hayward janine.hayward@otago.ac.nz  
Psychology Jackie Hunter jhunter@psy.otago.ac.nz
Psychology Gareth Treharne gtreharne@psy.otago.ac.nz
Psychology Kristin Hillman khillman@psy.otago.ac.nz
Psychology Lindsay Robertson lindsay@psy.otago.ac.nz
School of Medicine Josie Athens josie.athens@otago.ac.nz
Sociology Melanie Beres melanie.beres@otago.ac.nz
St Margarets College George Connolly george.connolly@stmargarets.college
Student Development Hannah Steiner-Mitchell hannah.steiner-mitchell@otago.ac.nz
Student Health - Clinical Group Leader Richard Mooney richard.mooney@otago.ac.nz
Student Health - Doctor Jenny Ogilvy jenny.ogilvy@otago.ac.nz
Student Health - Mental Health Team Amber Kalinowski amber.kalinowski@otago.ac.nz
Student Health - Mental Health Team Grant Ritchie grant.ritchie@otago.ac.nz
Student Health - Mental Health Team Sam Flannery sam.flannery@otago.ac.nz
Student Health - Mental Health Team Jamie Baltrop jamie.baltrop@otago.ac.nz
Student Health - Mental Health Team Lauren Redshaw lauren.redshaw@otago.ac.nz
Student Health - Mental Health Team Danielle O'Brien danielle.obrien@otago.ac.nz
Student Health - Mental Health Team Carolyn Walker carolyn.walker@otago.ac.nz
Student Health - Nurse Libby Reid libby.reid@otago.ac.nz
Student Health - Nurse Gwen Cuthbertson gwen.cuthbertson@otago.ac.nz
Student Health - Psychiatrist Jubilee Rajiah jubilee.rajiah@otago.ac.nz
Surveying Christina Hulbe christina.hulbe@otago.ac.nz
Toroa College Christina Watson-Mills christina.mills@otago.ac.nz
Unipol Recreation Services Christine MacDonell christine.macdonell@otago.ac.nz
Zoology Charles Ellen charles.ellen@otago.ac.nz