Otago Peer Mediation Centre

Otago Peer Mediation Centre

What problem are you having?
Did you sign your flat too soon and now you find you’re not getting along with everyone? Getting into arguments about flat dishes, or who was supposed to take the rubbish out? Or are you having an issue with communicating to your flat mates about certain issues?

Here at the Otago Peer Mediation Centre, we are equipped to deal with all sorts of interpersonal issues that you might be having because being able to have an open line of communication with others is often the first step to dispute resolution.

What are we?
The Otago Peer Mediation Centre is a free support service founded with the mission of empowering students to resolve disputes through open, confidential and effective communication.

We’re here to help
We understand that conflict is part of all human relationships and provide a neutral forum for students to reach practical solutions that work for them. We have trained mediators from a range of nationalities, international and domestic students, studying postgraduate or undergraduate degrees in order to ensure the mediators provided can understand the unique circumstances of the students they work with.

Mediators can arrange a meeting room, or come to you. While effective dispute resolution requires participation from everyone involved, we can provide an independent mediator if an individual wants to speak to someone in confidence about a conflict.