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Italian Cooking

Italian Cooking

Come and learn the techniques and the secrets to bring authentic Italian flavours to your table. Enjoy making and eating everyone’s favourite classics and discover some new ones too.

This course aims to make the best of ingredients easily available in New Zealand and is tailored to a student budget and a standard home kitchen. So come and learn some authentic Italian home cooking, then try out your new found skills impressing the flatties, family, friends, lovers or the inevitable random strangers passing through. Heck, I bet it even tastes great eaten alone!

Of course, food is always best shared, in pleasant company...... So allow a little time at the end of each session for eating together.

ITALIAN COOKING Thursday 5.00-7.30pm 4 sessions starting 9th May 2019
Ending 30th May 2019
Fee: $87.00
Kitchen, OUSA Clubs & Societies Centre, 84 Albany Street, Dunedin
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