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Italian for Beginners

Italian for Beginners

This course is very much designed to simply introduce people to Italian language and its wonderful rich culture. You’ll get plenty of opportunity to look at many aspects of Italian conversation, whilst beginning to explore the basics of the associated grammar. Lessons are focused on topics that concern Italian culture and customs. This course will suit those who are thinking of visiting Italy, or simply have a desire to learn more about Italian language and culture.

Aims of the course:

1) Learn the basics of Italian language rules

2) Learn the basics of Italian culture and society

3) Learn the basics for introducing ourselves and feeling confident in friendly environments.


Course Lessons will broadly cover:

1) Self-Introduction, basic questions to start a conversation

2) Food & Drink

3) Moving Into the City

4) Geography & Italian Cities

5) Music

ITALIAN FOR BEGINNERS ~ SEMESTER ONE ~ 2019 Thursdays 5.30-7.00pm 5 sessions starting 7th March 2019
Ending 4th April 2019
Fee: $38.00
Room 4, OUSA Clubs & Societies Centre, 84 Albany Street, Dunedin