ZealFit: ZUU Fitness Classes

ZealFit: ZUU Fitness Classes

What is ZealFit? We are a group of ZUU qualified friends and students who run a bodyweight, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) style group fitness class called ZUU. What sets ZUU Fitness apart from other HIIT workouts is the functionality and the culture in ZUU.

FUNCTIONALITY: Because ZUU workouts use bodyweight, primal movements through a wide range of motion, they help to increase your strength, mobility and overall fitness while preventing injury.

CULTURE: ZUU is all about people first and fitness second. It is all about human interaction and being connected to those who you are working out with. This people-first approach means that we work together and push each other in a supportive environment, making it easier to reach your limits and get the most out of the session. The culture also leaves you wanting more and looking forward to coming back to the next session, a great boost of motivation for those that need it.

RANGE OF ABILITIES: The way we run the classes makes them perfect for a range of fitness levels from those just starting out perhaps looking to lose weight and get stronger through to athletes who want to supplement their training and boost fitness, strength, mobility and injury prevention. Hence ZUU is perfect for everyone and we will ensure that everyone gets out of it what they want. No one is left behind and everyone is pushed to pursue THEIR best efforts.

SESSIONS: 3 Sessions a week. Ongoing throughout the year, but pays to check in on the FaceBook page.

Monday 5-6pm - Phys Ed Old Gym

Thursday 6.30am-7.30am - Activities Hall (OUSA Clubs & Socs)

Saturday 8.30-9.30am - Activities Hall (OUSA Clubs & Socs)

COST: Just a gold coin donation. That's it! Our goal is to provide you, students and the general public, with easily affordable, great workouts, that leave you wanting to come back, again and again, in order to get the most out of ZUU and the benefits it offers.

BRING: Comfortable workout gear, light trainers, sweat towel and drink bottle. See you there!! Get A Touch!


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