OUSA Main Reception

OUSA Main Reception

The OUSA Main Reception is open for business at level 2, with the safety and wellbeing of our visitors and staff being our highest priority.

We have been working hard to ensure that our reception area is a safe and clean environment for you to visit, with clear floor markings, signage, and a screen between staff and visitors. We will have hand sanitiser for you to use while visiting our office, and will be focusing on deep cleaning and frequent sanitisation of our high touch areas, such as door handles and counter tops. We ask that you please maintain a 1 meter physical distance with all other visitors and staff while inside our building.

If you have cold or flu symptoms or a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19, please stay home.

You can contact us by emailing ousa@ousa.org.nz, or by calling (03) 479 5332.


In accordance with the NZ Ministry of Health, Government guidelines and WorkSafe NZ protocol, every visitor to our offices must sign in with their full name, contact phone number and address at our main reception desk. You can speed this process up by presenting your student ID or licence.

You can do this by using your phone camera to scan a special QR code on our door, which will take you to our OUSA visitor register. If you don’t have your phone on you, just see us at the reception desk and we will sign you in manually.

This information will be kept digitally and confidentially with main reception. It will only be shared with health officials in the event that our building is exposed to a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19.

You will need to sign back out with us when you leave the building.

You can avoid this process by emailing us your enquiry at ousa@ousa.org.nz, or calling us during office hours at (03) 479 5332.

Our opening hours remain the same at 9am-4:30pm, weekdays.


For the health and safety of our OUSA whanau and visitors to the building, we will be unable to continue running our Lost Property service under level 2. Due to the sheer volume of items we usually recieve on a day to day basis, we are unable to safely disinfect and store items while Covid-19 is still active in New Zealand. For the time being we will be asking for lost property to be held within the buildings they were lost in – so if you have lost something please retrace your footsteps.

How you can help with lost property:

The Otago University Campus is a large place, we can understand why things can easily be misplaced and forgotten after a long day of lectures! Before this happens, you can help yourself by:

  • Naming all of your notes, your laptop and phone chargers, your backpacks and anything you would be upset about losing in general! Even just your student ID number can help
  • Take photos of your jewellery and valuables
  • Marker or nail varnish your headphones so you can recognise them
  • Record your serial numbers from your electronic devices and IMEI number from your phones

We will update our lost property policies once we we reach Level 1.