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University of Otago and OUSA Blues & Golds Awards 2022

University of Otago and OUSA Blues & Golds Awards 2022

University of Otago and OUSA Blues & Golds Awards 2022

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University of Otago


Otago students’ sports, culture and arts success celebrated

A talented gymnast has won top honours at the annual Blues and Golds Awards.  The awards, co-ordinated by the Otago University Students’ Association in collaboration with the University of Otago, recognise and celebrate the highest degree of sporting, cultural, community and arts achievements among University students.

Brooke Davies is Sportsperson of the Year for her high performance in and service to aerobic gymnastics at a national and international level.

Ms Davies, a Bachelor of Science student, has competed in the Gymnastics New Zealand aerobics international stream since 2013 and attended the 2022 Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships.  She started aerobic gymnastics at age five and enjoys the on-going growth it brings.  “It is fitness, strength and flexibility combined. It’s also a good social activity. The challenge of the sport keeps me going – there’s always something to learn and something to do,” she says.

Kobe Miller (Rowing), Olivia Thornbury (Triathlon), and Janus Staufenberg (Triathlon) received highly commended awards in that category.

Hugo Swinson was named Māori Sportsperson of the Year for his involvement in Ultimate, a Frisbee sport.  Mr Swinson’s club team recently won gold and silver at a national event, and he was selected to represent New Zealand.

OUSA president Melissa Lama says it is important to uplift and acknowledge the University’s students in the community who are thriving in various spaces.  “We want to celebrate their achievements and give our support for their hard work to achieve at a high level,” Ms Lama says.  Many other students were celebrated at tonight’s event.

Blues awards, for sporting success, have been around since 1908 while Golds, which acknowledge arts and cultural achievements, were added in 2002.


List of winners

Sportsperson of the Year:

Brooke Davies - Aerobic Gymnastics

Highly commended: Kobe Miller - Rowing, Olivia Thornbury - Triathlon, Janus Staufenberg - Triathlon.


Māori Sportsperson of the Year:

Hugo Swinson – Ultimate Frisbee


OUSA Coach of the Year:

Olivia Lemon - University Albion Netball Club

Highly commended: Josh Mackay - Otago University Debating Society

Special mention: Gabriel Martin - Otago University Badminton Club


OUSA Sports Club of the Year:

Otago University Disc Golf Club


OUSA Society of the Year:


Highly commended: Animal Aquatic Plant Ecological Society (AAPES), Otago Mathematics and Physics Students Association


OUSA Cultural Society of the Year:

Otago Vietnamese Student Association

Highly commended: Otago Japanese Students' Association

Special mention: Otago Singapore Club


Outstanding Member of the Dunedin Community:

Ranisha Chand


Outstanding Member of the University of Otago Community:

Kathleen (Katie) Hensman

Highly commended: Megan O'Malley


OUSA Silver Service:

Graydon Scott - Otago University Ultimate Club, Kathleen (Katie) Hensman - Otago University Snow Sports Club, Ashley Jenkins - Otago University Rugby League Club, Fraser Towers - Otago University Association Football Club, Josh Mackay - Otago University Debating Society, Olivia Lemon - University Albion Netball Club, Kyle Matthews - Ice Hockey, Gabriel Martin - Otago University Badminton Club, Tabitha Littlejohn - Theatre, Jordan Wichman - Theatre, Jaiden Tucker - Otago University Debating Society.


Blues Awards:

Lea Muetzel - Martial Arts, Will White - Beach Volleyball, Eric Stratton - Beach Volleyball, Eligh Ashby - Open Water Swimming, Daryl Areai - Football, Alisa Tautagaloa - Football, Connor Bacchus - Rowing, Olivia Thornbury - Triathlon, Corey Symon - Fencing, Sophia Tweddle - Fencing, Russell Green - Athletics, Angus Hamilton - Beach Handball, Kristina Hames - Beach Handball, Mhairi-Bronté Duncan - Curling, Ella Price - Rowing, Claudia Kinder - Rowing, Hugo Swinson - Ultimate, Oliver Donaldson - Beach Handball, Annalise Wilson - Beach Handball.


Golds Awards:

Cameron Monteath - Music, Lillian Gibbs - Vocalist, Sarah Hubbard - Vocalist.