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Blues and Golds Awards

Blues and Golds Awards

Blues and Golds Awards

University of Otago and OUSA Blues and Golds Awards 2021

Achievements to the highest degree in sports, culture, community, and arts were celebrated on Tuesday, at the University of Otago and OUSA Blues and Golds Awards. The awards were hosted in line with level 2 restrictions, with only winners attending.

“It is a shame we couldn’t hold a traditional Blues and Golds Event given the restrictions and timeframes around COVID. However, we are happy we could provide a hybrid alternative and are very much hopeful we can do the whole nine yards next year.” Notes Michaela Waite-Harvey, President of OUSA.

The awards celebrate a strong pool of talent on campus – often many people are unaware of the caliber of sportspeople who are studying at Otago.

The original award of “Blues” (celebrating sporting success) has been around since 1908, with Golds (acknowledging arts and cultural success) making an appearance from 2002. Over the years additional awards have jumped aboard all in the name of changing times and celebrating the remarkable achievements of students.

Winners listed below:

Sports Club of the Year Otago University Tramping Club

Runner up – Otago University Squash Club

Cultural Society of the Year Otago Malaysian Students Association

Runner Up – Otago University Indian Students Association

Māori Sportsperson Nick Parata (Hockey)

Sportswoman of the year Laurel Hubbard (Weightlifting)

Sportsman of the year Shay Veitch (Athletics)

Society of the Year Otago University Art Club

Highly commended - Otago Disabled Students Association

Outstanding Member of the Dunedin Community Stephen Jones

Equal runner up - Caccia Armstrong

Equal runner up - Carrie Wooller

Outstanding Member of the University Community Lauren Dewhirst

Outstanding Contribution to Arts and Culture Abhinath Berry


Cameron Moffitt, Athletics

Shay Veitch, Athletics

Harry Press, Rugby

Austin Carter, Triathlon

Kobe Miller, Rowing

Nick Parata, Hockey

Sean Withy, Rugby

Nathan Hastie, Rugby

Fabian Holland, Rugby

Sally Wylaars, Rowing

Rose Morton, Football

Emily Morison, Football

Oliver Fahey, Rowing

Lucy Thomsen, Badminton

James Glover, Rowing

Emma Black, Cricket

Dale Phillips, Cricket

Hunter Kindley, Cricket

Matthew Fisher, Cricket

Gemma Adams, Cricket

Saffron Wilson, Cricket

Harrison Biggs, Cricket

Lena de Ronde, Football

Kieran Mcgovern, Weightlifting

Olive Pearce, Surf Lifesaving

Marina Lamplough, Cricket

Noah Gregory, Ice Hockey

Claudia Kelly, Surf Lifesaving

Ben Harford, Ice Hockey

Zara Anthony Whigham, Ice Figure Skating

Katie Sewell, Ice Figure Skating

Brooke Davies, Aerobic Gymnastics

Katherine Hadler, Equestrian

Kasam Ali, Futsal

Ben O'Farrell, Futsal

Oban Hawkins, Futsal

Tim O'Farrell, Futsal


Danielle Veenvliet, Dance

Abhinath Berry, Classical Music

Georgia Barclay, Debating

Josh Mackay, Debating

Joe Garry, Debating

Jordan Wichman, Performing Arts

Rose Stevenson, Performance Violin

Silver Service

Michael Leach, Basketball

Matt Watson, Disc Golf

Josh Meikle, Debating

Matthew Laurenson, Squash

Lauren Dewhirst, Disabled Students Association

Bridget Thayer, Netball

Timothy Dawbin, Athletics

Lucy Williams, Society of Otago University Law Students

Chris Hill Hockey, Umpiring


The University of Otago Blues & Golds Awards Panel - Terms of Reference