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$4 Lunch

$4 Lunch

$4 Lunch

$4 Lunch Re-Starts January 9th, 2023

$4 lunch is provided by Tandooree Garden and is served weekdays between 12 and 2 pm from our kitchen. We have seating available for those that want to eat in, or you can bring along a container and have takeaways. This is a grassroots program and in order to keep the cost down (for you), the washing of your plate is DIY. Payment is via EFTPOS/CREDIT as you enter or cash at the kitchen. The $4 lunch is vegetarian and there are dairy-free and gluten-free options available.


$4 Lunch Menu

Monday Chickpeas and Rice with Potato and Vegetable

Tuesday Vegetable Pasta with Mixed Salad

Wednesday Dal Makhani with Rice and Potato Curry

Thursday Vegetable Soup with Rolls/Buns

Friday Mixed Dal with Rice and Vegetable Curry

[$6 Butter Chicken Available All Days]



Samosas $2

Onion Bhaji $2

Icecream $1

Gulab Jamun $1

Juice 50 cents

Fizzy $2

We are trialing a new menu. Watch this space for changes.


Keen to help?

Volunteers for the $4 lunch are welcome. Inquiry at the kitchen.