Elections, Referenda and SGM

Elections, Referenda and SGM

2023 OUSA Executive Elections

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Semester 2 Referendum

If you have any concerns or comments about the questions, please get in contact with OUSA by emailing the Administrative Vice-President at adminvp@ousa.org.nz

Voting opens 10th of October at 9am and closes 12th of October at 4pm

  • Everyone who votes will be in the draw to win coffee vouchers and New World vouchers!
Final wording of questions for notice:
  1. Should the proposed Otago University Students’ Association (OUSA) budget for 2023 be recommended in its entirety to the student body?
  2. Should the Association Secretary, Donna Jones, be re-appointed for a fixed term of four (4) years?
  3. Should OUSA express an opinion of no confidence in Chris Hipkins as Minister for Education, due to the Government's failure to fulfil its 2017 promise to restore postgraduate access to Student Allowances?
  4. Should OUSA support efforts to break-up New Zealand's supermarket duopoly?
  5. Subject to time off for study commitments or health reasons, should all OUSA Executive members be regularly available to students at the OUSA office? 
  6. Should PricewaterhouseCoopes be appointed as the 2023 auditors for OUSA? 

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