Elections & Referenda

Elections & Referenda

Elections & Referenda

2021 Election

The OUSA Executive Elections for 2021 are coming up! 

Key dates

Nominations open at 9am on the 10th of September and will close at 4pm on the 16th of September. 

    Candidates must submit a 100 word blurb to Critic (critic@critic.org.nz) by Thursday the 16th by 4:30pm. 

    A camera will be set up in Critic office for your photo at 4pm on Thursday the 16th September. 

Forum dates will be annouced closer to the time. 

Voting: Opens on the 28th of September at 9am and closes on the 1st of October at 4pm. Results will be annouced at 5pm in the Main Common Room. 

Relevant Information

Elections policy is here. 

Job Description Policy is here. 

Elections Information is here. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Donna Jones, Association Secretary – secretary@ousa.org.nz – 0210353407, 479 5331 or the Returning Officer, Ruth Jefferies on returningofficer@ousa.org.nz.                

Semester 1 Referenda

Read the 2020 Semester 1 referenda questions here.  

Due to the audit not being able to be completed in time for our first semester referenda, because of Covid-19 we need to hold an SGM to remedy this breach of the constitution. This must be held within 5 working days of such breach. We have been limited in our ability to hold or call an SGM due to Covid-19 restrictions. As of today we are no longer within the academic term.

The constitution also requires we hold an SGM in term time, therefore we will not be holding a SGM until semester 2. This will be a breach of the above requirement.

Particularly in light of the Covid-19 risk and restrictions on large gatherings we believe this is the most responsible course of action.

At the semester 2 referenda these two breaches will be brought up and we will ask the student body to remedy them as per our substantial compliance rules. 

2020 Semester 1 Referenda 

Download the Referendum Results May 2020

2019 Semester 2 Referenda

Download the Referendum Results October 2019 

Returning Officers Report 

Click here to download the returning officers 2019 report 

Online Referenda and Student Forums 2019

Online referenda are one of the many ways you can have your say through OUSA. Whether it's about university policy or a wider issue, you can change OUSA's stance. Our referenda have three stages; a call for questions, followed by a student forum to discuss the questions with the executive and then the voting period.

For more information email: adminvp@ousa.org.nz

Results for the 2019 Referenda

Download the Referendum Results May 2019

Results for the October 2018 Referenda

Download the Referendum Results 2018 

Results for the May 2018 Referenda

Download the May 2018 Referenda results