Elections, Referenda & AGM

Elections, Referenda & AGM

Elections, Referenda & AGM

2020 AGM 

Annual General Meeting to be held: 

6 October 2020 at noon – midday

Main Common Room or outside on the Union Courtyard if weather permits.

The student body are to be advised of a constitutional breach owing to Covid-19 restricting our annual accounts and annual report being put to the student body In the first semester AND more...

2021 Election

The OUSA Executive Elections for 2021 are coming up! 

The 2021 Election Candidates are listed here.

Key dates

Nominations open at 9am on the 10th of September and will close at 4pm on the 16th of September. 

Blurbs at Critic by 6:00pm on 16 September. 150 words for the Presidential candidates and 100 words for the others. Please NO bullet points and they must NOT exceed the word count. Email them to critic@critic.co.nz  if you are late with your blurbs they will miss being printed in Critic.  

The photographer at Critic will take your photos and they will be used for advertising purposes and promotional material. The photographer will be available from 4-5pm on the 16 September at the Critic office on the first floor of the OUSA main offices, overlooking the balcony. If you cannot make 4-5pm for a photo then please email critic@critic.co.nz to arrange an earlier time. Photos will not be taken after Wednesday evening.

Forum Dates:

22 September at noon in the Main Common Room (MCR) – Administrative Vice President, Finance and Strategy Officer, Academic Representative and Welfare and Equity Representative.

Then in the evening of 22 September at 7:30pm the Presidential candidates Starters Bar, Clyde Street.

23 September at noon in the Main Common Room (MCR) – Postgraduate Representative, International Representative, Clubs and Societies Representative, Political Representative, and Residential Representative then Presidential candidates to follow.


Voting opens on the 28th of September at 9am and closes on the 1st of October at 4pm.

Results will be annouced at 5pm in the Main Common Room on 1st October. 

Relevant Information

Elections Policy is here. 

Job Description Policy is here

Candidate Information is here.

Nomination Form is here

Third Party Nomination form is here

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Donna Jones, Association Secretary – secretary@ousa.org.nz – 0210353407, 479 5331 or the Returning Officer, on returningofficer@ousa.org.nz.                

2020 Semester 2 Referenda 

Download the results here. 

2020 Semester 1 Referenda 

Download the Referendum Results May 2020

2019 Semester 2 Referenda

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2019 Semester 1 Referenda

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2018 Semester 2 Referenda

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2018 Semester 1 Referenda

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