Elections & Referenda

Elections & Referenda

Elections & Referenda

2020 Semester 1 Referenda

Voting will open 25th May 9am. 

Questions have gone to the mediator and have been approved, please send all submissions on these questions to: adminvp@ousa.org.nz 

Read the 2020 Semester 1 referenda questions here.  

Due to COVID-19 and the nature of auditing needing to be on site, the OUSA has been unable to have its accounts audited. Under the OUSA's constitution the financial statements of the OUSA must be audited at least once every 12 months and a referendum must be put to its members in the first semester which asks the members to receive and accept the annual report and audited annual financial statements for the previous year. The Government has proposed the COVID-19 Response (Further Management Measures) Legislation Bill, which is due to be passed in the week ending 15 May 2020. This Bill allows entities to act other than in accordance with their constitution in relation to their audited accounts if it is not reasonably practicable to comply with the constitution. Accordingly, no questions on the annual report and audited accounts of OUSA for 2019 are being provided, and the mandatory questions will instead be asked in the second semester referendum once the accounts of the OUSA have been audited.

2019 Semester 2 Referenda

Download the Referendum Results October 2019 

2020 OUSA Executive

Click here to see your Executive for 2020. 

Returning Officers Report 

Click here to download the returning officers 2019 report 

Online Referenda and Student Forums 2019

Online referenda are one of the many ways you can have your say through OUSA. Whether it's about university policy or a wider issue, you can change OUSA's stance. Our referenda have three stages; a call for questions, followed by a student forum to discuss the questions with the executive and then the voting period.

For more information email: adminvp@ousa.org.nz

Results for the 2019 Referenda

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Results for the October 2018 Referenda

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Results for the May 2018 Referenda

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