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OUSA Mail Services

OUSA Mail Services

Send your stuff home the easy way!

From Monday, October 3rd, the OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre will offer a mail service. For just $18, you can send up to 20 kgs worth of goods (box included). The service will cease on November 25th, 2022 (noting reduced hours kick in from October 15th). The boxes are 29cm (h), 49cm (w) and 40cm (d).


Tell me more:

  • The box price, which covers national postage (only), is $18. You can buy as many as you like! However, each box must be under 20kgs (we have scales onsite for you to check). Boxes over 20 kgs can't be sent, you'll need to remove items or purchase additional boxes. No PO Box or DX box delivery is available. 
  • You can get your parcel box at the OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre (Clubs and Socs) on 84 Albany Street. Collection is available throughout the centre's opening hours*. * Please don't come within 12 - 2 pm on weekdays. This is when we serve lunch, and there will be significant delays. Clubs and Socs is also where you drop off your box.
  • All boxes MUST have the delivery address written with the receiver's name and phone number, street number and name, suburb, city/town and postcode. The sender's name and phone number must also be included. 
  • The box purchase includes the box and postage slip (delivery) only. Anything else, i.e. packaging tape and bubble wrap, is your responsibility. Damaged/compromised boxes will be your responsibility and can't be sent.
  • No liquids, no perishables or valuables
  • As a minimum, the courier (PBT) will collect packages once a week. Once a package has been collected, OUSA cannot influence or hasten delivery times (delivery times will be standardised durations from PBT).  If you have concerns about delivery times, you can use the tracking number and contact PBT directly.
  • Terms and ConditionsAll parcels are subject to the University of Otago Mail Room Terms and Conditions It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of this service. The service is also bound by the information presented on this page.


Process Overview

  1. You arrive at Clubs and Socs to purchase your box.
  2. In advance of purchasing, you'll be asked to read the terms and conditions.
  3. You'll accept the terms and conditions, signing these off in writing
  4. You'll pay for your box/es
  5. You'll receive your box/es along with a tracking sticker and a copy of your receipt.
  6. You'll take home your box/es, fill it (making sure you fulfil relevant terms and conditions)
  7. You'll return the box to Clubs and Socs (who'll do a visual check and weigh the box). Scales available onsite.
  8. Assuming everything is satisfactory to staff, your box will be stored onsite until collection.
  9. Your box is picked up, transported and delivered.