Lost Property

Lost Property

Lost Property

Finding your lost property

Lost something? Fill in the form below so we can keep an eye out for it! We only get in touch if your item arrives to us, but it also pays to pop into our office to check too. Its also super helpful to us if you flick us a photo of the lost item! Just go to "Otago University Lost Property - Provided by OUSA" on Facebook and DM us a pic.

Is all lost property at OUSA?

Apart from ID cards, which go to the ID card office, we get our lost stuff from all the uni libraries and lecture theatres. Bicycles go to Campus Watch. Sometimes it can take a wee while for all the stuff to reach us, so it pays to check with us and also the place you lost the item.

What do you do with unclaimed stuff?

We hold everything (excluding drink bottles which are 1 week only) for a minimum of 3 months before it becomes "abandoned goods". Although we do our best to hunt down owners for anything with a named, we end up with a lot left over! After this time, we begin running out of storage and need to move the items on. We try and do as much good with this stuff as we can, for example items from lost pencil cases are donated to low decile schools, reading glasses are donated to VOSO (a charity that provides vision aids to the Pacific Islands) and sometimes we are able to sell things during our student Market Days. The proceeds go to the capping charity for that year. 

What if OUSA has donated it?

What happens if you don't come in for your lost property within three months and it's not there? We do our utmost to find owners of things before we donate them. If you have a problem, please discuss it with us; the optimum outcome for us if for you to have your lost stuff returned.

How to have your items returned to you as soon as you lose them

Name your stuff! Even an initial and last name means we can track you down via eVision and flick you a text to come grab it. Name your notes, your drink bottles, your clothes, your cat! anything you'd love returned if you misplace it.

Lost something?

Lost Property is located at OUSA Main Office, 640 Cumberland Street. We are open 9AM to 4.30PM weekdays. 

If you lost your items off campus, you can report it missing to the NZ Police here.


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