Clubs and Societies

Centre Services

Centre Services

Centre Services

Clubs and Socs has an array of services that you can enjoy. Click below to learn more.

  • $4 lunches
  • Weekly Free Breakfast
  • Equipment hire and amenities
  • Sauna Sessions
  • Room Hire
  • Thursdays at Evison Event
  • OUSA Mail Service "send your stuff home"
  • Free Showers (BYO towel, shampoo, etc.,available for your use on the second floor in the bathroom areas)
  • Free Sanitary Products and Condoms (you can find these items in the foyer as well as in the bathrooms on the first and second floors. Feel free to help yourself)
  • Rummage Rack (invites you to explore and take freely from a selection of clothes and other items. Feel free to contribute by leaving behind items that are still in great condition, if you'd like)
  • Freebie Fridays (bring you a chance to snag complimentary items – from oat milk and noodles to beanies and chips, and beyond. Keep an eye on our social media platforms to stay updated on when we're dishing out fantastic giveaways just for you!)


Lost property:

We hold onto things we've found in the centre for three months. Anything lost offsite is at our main office, located on campus.

We value your insights and would greatly appreciate your feedback to help us improve.