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Room bookings & Guidelines

Room bookings & Guidelines

You can place an online booking at the bottom of this page BUT read our guidelines prior. These are modified from time to time.


There is a higher demand for the Centre's facilities than the ability to accommodate. With OUSA being a member organisation, where members financially contribute, our members in the first instance have priority access. This extends to OUSA operations, current University of Otago Students' and Affiliated Clubs and Societies. Secondary priority of access extends to current Otago Polytechnic Students, conditional on a service agreement in place between OUSA and OPSA. Clubs and Socs welcome wider community access, where it does not unduly jeopardise access to OUSA operations, current University of Otago Students', Affiliated Clubs and Societies and Otago Polytechnic Students. And, where that access does not compete with OUSA offerings. Those conclusions are made at OUSA's discretion.

Room Booking Guidelines

OUSA operations, current University of Otago Students and Affiliated Clubs and Societies have priority access.

Room bookings are generally free of charge for Otago University/Polytechnic students and staff* (off-peak only) on presentation of a valid ID. This is on the pretence of personal use or in connection to affiliated club operations. These bookings are restricted to 1 booking, per day for up to 2 hours and can be booked up to two weeks in advance. Additional conditions may apply to specific spaces.

*Personal staff booking requests are made at the discretion of OUSA staff. There is over 4000 university staff, we simply can't accommodate all requests without compromising space for our students.

Regular bookings are reserved for OUSA affiliated Clubs and Societies and our Recreation Programme.

We do have provisions for "commercial" bookings as described below.

Commercial Room Hire

Commercial room hire covers University departments and organisations including Non-for Profits and Charities. It also covers individuals, including students who want to use our facilities for non-personal use i.e. on behalf of someone else or are on-charging in any capacity e.g. a tutoring fee, door fee, service fee or otherwise. 

All commercial hire requests are considered on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Clubs and Societies Centre Management You will be required to disclose the nature of your booking and any other information as reasonably requested. We can not accommodate:

1. Requests that displace student access

2. Groups or individuals whose values do not align with that of OUSA's, as detailed in OUSA's constitution

3. Activities that compete with OUSA offerings

4. Excessively noisy activities e.g. band practise 

Commercial room hire incurs charges, payable in advance. Charges range from $25 per hour to $75 per hour, depending on the size of the room. Furnishings, amenities and hire support are limited. You should physically visit in advance of a request to assess whether our facilities can meet your needs. IMPORTANTLY, our general terms of use (below) still apply as well as some additional terms for use. This includes the right to cancel your booking at any time. 

Please direct queries to centre management.

General Terms of Centre Use

  1. This booking is non-commercial
  • You are a current University of Otago Student or Otago Polytechnic Student OR
  • An OUSA Life Member, OR
  • An OUSA Affiliated Club or Society AND
  • You’re booking is for personal use, i.e. you haven’t booked on behalf of someone else AND
  • You’re not on charging in any capacity.
  • If not, this is a commercial booking and we cannot accommodate you via this process. Inquires can be directed to centre management
  1. This is your daily booking (of up to two hours) for the day. This cap applies to both Clubs and individuals i.e. you can't place multiple bookings under different names when it's on behalf of the same thing/club. Our facilities are limited. We have hundreds of stakeholders and, unfortunately, limited facilities. This term ensures we can serve as many people and groups as possible. Additional time may be requested in advance (ideally a week out from) through management to jamie.leckie@ousa.org.nz to assess whether it's something that wouldn't unduly inhibit access for others.
  2. The occupation/compliance cap for this room is [specified when booking]
  3. You must check-in at reception on arrival. You have 15 minutes to do so. Otherwise, your booking may be deleted.
  4. You’re expected to respect other patrons, and OUSA values
  5. You’ve assessed whether facilities are appropriate for hire in advance, including internet and AV provisions. The internet password can be found at reception, but coverage is limited.
  6. OUSA reserve the right to cancel any booking at any time, which may be at short notice or while the booking is in progress. While OUSA will try to avoid this, it is a possibility, particularly with unforeseen staffing shortages, building maintenance, the identification of hazards or human error. Booking requests should be made with caution. OUSA encourages the hirer to have contingency plans in place.
  7. OUSA reserve the right to cease a booking in progress, requesting attendees leave if any terms of hire are not upheld
  8. You must take of the room, ensuring that no damage occurs (fair wear and tear excluded). You’ll be expected to reimburse OUSA for any damage incurred through negligence.
  9. The Hirer is responsible for reverting the room to its pre-use condition, ready for the next users. Please exit on time.
  10. Rubbish generated should be placed in the room bin. If it cannot fit, advise reception who’ll provide information about our skip.
  11. On departure, turn off electrical appliances, including the heater and ensure windows and doors are closed
  12. You have a responsibility to make sure your actions or inactions don’t jeopardise the health and safety of others.
  13. Please report hazards and incidents to reception immediately
  14. Children under the age of 10 are supervised by someone 16 years or older
  15. You may be asked to leave if you are intoxicated, your behaviour is threatening, or reasonable instructions by staff are not followed
  16. Please don’t move furniture around the facility without reception's knowledge. This extends to fiddling with room dividers.
  17. Appropriate, non-damaging footwear shall be worn.
  18. Electrical equipment brought in must be tagged and tested
  19. No alcohol is to be consumed onsite
  20. The Facilities are strictly NO SMOKING
  21. Ensure noise does not unduly disturb other patrons or neighbouring properties. There is limited soundproofing in the facility. We can’t accommodate band practice.
  22. Emergency pathways must be kept clear at all times
  23. In case of a fire or evacuation, the Hirer must exit immediately, following directions from staff
  24. Parking is not provided for patrons

Breaches to Terms and Conditions

In the first instance, OUSA will take an educative approach. With Clubs, in particular, efforts will be made to contact the President or other Club Committee Members to relay communication. However, where there are serious breaches (particularly around safety) or repetitive occurrences, OUSA reserve the right to request patrons to leave or restrict access.

If you're an affiliated club or society, there may be additional venues on campus you can use. For more information on alternative campus, venues click here.

If you would like to book the Main Common Room (MCR) or Union Hall you'll need to fill out this application form and send it through to the University Union.