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Room bookings

Room bookings

Below is a list of the areas available for bookings at the OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre. To find out more about each room (and to book), click on the room title.

Room Booking Policy

Room bookings are generally free of charge for Otago University/Polytechnic students and staff* (off-peak only) on presentation of a valid ID. This is on the pretence of personal use or in connection to affiliated club operations. These bookings are restricted to 1 booking, per day for up to 2 hours and can be booked up to two weeks in advance. Additional conditions may apply to specific spaces. *Staff bookings are made at the discretion of OUSA staff. We will always base our decision on staff bookings around resourcing and prioritising student access first (there are over 4000 university staff, we simply can't accommodate all requests without compromising space for our students). 

Regular bookings are reserved for OUSA affiliated Clubs and Societies and our Recreation Programme.

Our one of a kind facility is in hot demand. Unfortunately, our spaces and availability are not infinite. For that reason, we prioritise student access who fund our organisation and for who we serve.

There is a charge for non-students/staff, commercial and non-commercial entities, including university departments. Charges also apply to students who are “on charging” in any capacity, e.g. tutoring, door fee, ticket sales or otherwise. Charges go towards the significant costs of operating and maintaining our facility. If you fall into this category, click here  for pricing and supporting information.

If you're an affiliated club or society there may be additional venues on campus you can use. For more information on alternative campus, venues click here.

If you would like to book the Main Common Room (MCR) or Union Hall you'll need to fill out this application form and send it through to the University Union.