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Room Bookings

Room Bookings

Otago University and Otago Polytech students can enjoy free room hire at our Centre! Our facilities are open to all students, not just OUSA-affiliated clubs. Conveniently located near campus, our rooms are perfect for exercising during a study break, finding a quiet space for hobbies, or meeting with a study group. We offer study/meeting rooms, dance/exercise rooms, and music rooms. Rooms can be booked for up to 2 hours per day, up to 2 weeks in advance. For longer bookings, please see the information below.

How to Book a Room:

Booking Your Space

  1. Scroll down to find our online booking system at the bottom of this page. 
  2. Choose a date, room and time you want to book. You will need to sign in or sign up to MyOUSA if you haven't already, then click on 'My room bookings'. If you're not a student or want to book a room longer than 2 hours, please email our our Reception and Centre Services Coordinator.
  3. Before you proceed, make sure to review our room booking guidelines, which are periodically updated.

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Got Questions?

For inquiries, please reach out to our centre management. We're here to help you make the most of our facilities!


If you're an affiliated club or society, there may be additional venues on campus you can use. For more information on alternative campus, venues click here.

If you would like to book the Main Common Room (MCR) or Union Hall you'll need to fill out this application form and send it through to the University Union.

For kitchen bookings please email our Reception and Centre Services Coordinator.


Commercial Room Bookings:

We also accommodate "commercial" bookings, including University departments, Non-profits, and individuals using our facilities for non-personal purposes.

These requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by our Clubs and Societies Centre Management (please email our Reception and Centre Services Coordinator). Commercial room hire incurs charges, ranging from $25 to $75 per hour, based on room size.