Constitution & Policies

Constitution & Policies

Constitution & Policies

You can download the full Constitution and Rules of the Otago University Students' Association here.

You can download the full Constitution and Rules of the Otago University Students' Association in both Te Reo and English here.

You can download the full Policy Manual of the Otago University Students' Association here.               

Policies on Notice 

Below are the policies currently on notice. When policies are on notice, students are able to submit on them until the changes are accepted at the next OUSA executive meeting. Any comments, questions or queries can be directed to Emily at adminvp@ousa.org.nz! 

Executive Discipline Procedure

Internal Policies

Committee Terms of Reference

Academic Committee Terms of Reference

Affiliated Clubs Council Terms of Reference

Colleges Committee Terms of Reference (Rescinded)

Constitutional Review Committee Terms of Reference

Election Campaigns Subcommittee Terms of Reference (Rescinded)

Elections Review Subcommittee Terms of Reference

Executive Conduct Subcommittee Terms of Reference

Finance, Expenditure and Strategy Committee Terms of Reference

Grants Panel Terms of Reference

Policy Committee Terms of Reference

Residential Committee Terms of Reference

Student General Meeting Engagement Committee Terms of Reference (Rescinded)

Submissions Committee Terms of Reference

Subwarden Committee Terms of Reference

The University of Otago Blues and Golds Awards Panel Terms of Reference

Welfare and Equity Committee Terms of Reference


Accountability Policy

Advisory Board Policy

Appointments Policy

Duties of an Executive Officer

Elections Policy

Executive Code of Conduct

Executive Discipline Procedure

Executive Social Media Guidelines

Executive Sub-Committee Policy

Executive Travel Expenses Policy

Referenda Procedure

Operational and Procedural

Appointments Policy (OUSA Holdings Limited)

Capital Expenditure Policy

Contra Policy

Delegated Authorities Policy

Executive and CEO Remuneration Policy

Financial Independent Advice Policy

ICT Policy

Investment Policy

Media Independence Policy

OUSA Appointments Policy

Parents' Room and Womens' Room Policy

Policy Development Protocol

Privacy Policy

Queer Space Policy

Clubs and Societies Policies

Club Affiliation Policy

Club Conduct Policy

Grants Policy

OUSA Affiliated Clubs and Societies Sexual Misconduct Policy

OUSA Affiliated Clubs and Societies Resolution (and Complaints) Policy

The University of Otago Blues and Golds Awards Criteria Document

The University of Otago Blues and Golds Awards Policy

About OUSA Constitution and Policies

What is the Constitution?
The Constitution is our guiding document and contains all the rules pertaining to how OUSA is to be run. It covers a wide range of stuff: powers of the student body, the Executive, how Student Forums and Referenda are to be run, what the composition of the Executive is. Additionally it lists standing orders (the rules) for how to run meetings.

What is internal policy?
This is policy about stuff that happens internally within OUSA. The Executive has the power to set policy regarding matters of business, activities and all operations of the Association and any other matters internal to the Association. 
Internal policy covers things like the terms of reference of committees, elections/referenda and how club and individual grants are awarded. 

What is external policy?
External policy is all about what you guys think! The Constitution gives the student body power to set policy regarding the position of the Association on matters external to the Association. 

Click here for University of Otago Ethical Behaviour Policy.

The OUSA staff must meet good standards of personal behaviour. If any person believes staff have not met good standards and wish to lay a formal complaint, click here to download the procedure document.


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