Your Exec for 2018

Your Exec for 2018

Meet your Student Representatives for 2018:

OUSA President - Caitlin Barlow-GroomeOUSA President

Caitlin Barlow–Groome

The OUSA President is the official spokesperson of OUSA. Their role is to lead campaigns and maintain strong relationships with University of Otago and key stakeholders in the community to advance the interests of Otago students.




I’m Caity, a recent graduate from the newly renovated Otago Business School. It only took me 4 years to complete a 3 year degree, so I can definitely say I’ve lived the true Otago experience. Other than OUSA, my hobbies include trampolining, understating how the economy works, and spinning a fidget.

As your president, it is my duty to lobby the University, Council, and other big dogs to ensure that student opinion is heard and for you to continue having the best experience possible. It’s not an easy role trying to figure out what 20,000 students want so it’s incredibly important to vote in Referendums and talk to the Executive regarding any problems. The job itself involves a lot of reading and admin but allows time to watch the odd episode.

This year I hope to achieve a successful Voluntary Glass Ban campaign, increase activities to do on campus and to increase visibility of the Executive.

Please come and chat if you see me around campus, during my office hours (where possible).

Office Hours: Monday & Thursday 2pm-3pm

Reception Hours (Main Office): Tuesday 10am-11am

Administrative Vice President - Cameron MeadsAdministrative Vice President

Cam Meads

The Administrative Vice President’s role is to support the work of the OUSA President, ensure that the Executive is working to meet the Association’s strategic goals and facilitating policy development.




I’m Cam and after 4 years of not taking my place in the world, I’ve almost completed a BA in Film & Media Studies and Politics.

I come from the south side of New Plymouth (Plymmy Nips), but not south enough to have an abnormal number of toes. If you can’t find me around campus you’ll be sure to find me whacking a little white ball around a green field in St Clair, or trudging back to a pavilion on a dewy Satdee morn. If you can find me around campus, be sure to say hi and make sure I haven’t OD’d on covfefe.

My role at OUSA is Administrative Vice President. I’ve always been good at admin, whether that’s deciding between buying Speights or Speights at Leith Liquor or writing stir fry ingredients on the flat shopping list for the 5th week in a row…running for Admin VP was thus a natural progression. I ensure our interests as students are met in our Constitution and other existing or new policy. Even though I think I’m cooler than Mike Posner I’m really a policy nerd. If you have any suggestions or just want to yarn, please get in touch!

Office Hours: Tuesday 11:30am-1:30pm

Reception Hours (Main Office): Tuesday 10:30am-11:30am

Finance Officer - Sam SmithFinance Officer

Sam Smith

The Finance Officer oversees the Association’s financial holdings, and develops a business strategy alongside the OUSA General Manager to ensure sound investment of student funds in accordance to OUSA’s Strategic Plan. 



I hail from Invercargill, land of sheep, shite weather and Shadbolt. I ventured to Dunedin in 2016 after a year-long stint living and teaching in Japan and am currently working towards an LLB and BA (Politics). My hobbies/interests include the occasional gym session (in the light weights room), watching all the movies nominated for best picture, and globe-trotting (when I can afford it, so never, but it’s good to have dreams).

This year, my role at OUSA is the Finance Officer. While I have no accounting and little economic experience (Merit NCEA Level 2 Economics), the accountants take care of the numbers. My job is to make sure students’ hard earned cash is put to good use. Whether that's deciding between a new beanbag or a free sausage sizzle, I see that our money is used effectively. I also play a part in ensuring OUSA is financially sound and that it continues to be in good economic shape for years to come.

If you have ideas of possible investment ventures for OUSA or have thoughts on how students can get the most out of its resources, don't hesitate to get it touch.

Office Hours: Monday 1pm-3pm

Reception Hours (Main Office): Wednesday 10am-11am

Education Officer - James HeathEducation Officer

James Heath

The Education Officer is tasked with representing and advancing educational matters relevant to the Association and its members.



Kia ora!

My name is James and I’m your Education Officer for 2018. It’s my job to look after the academic and educational interests of students here at Otago. I do this by representing you on various boards across the University such as *deep breath in* the Board of Undergraduate Studies, Committee for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching, Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching Committee, Computer Based Examinations Working Group, Quality Advancement Committee, Summer School and Continuing Education Board, Lecture Theatre and Timetabling Committee, Course Advisory Group, Health Science First Year Strategic Management Committee, and University Senate.

These provide me with a great position to influence the University and further the interests of students - it is on these boards and committees some of OUSA’s best work is done! On top of this I chair the fantastic OUSA Education Committee and act as a general Executive member - working on issues like University Suicide Prevention Policy.

I am always available for a yarn and am here to help if you need someone to get something done (academic related or not!). University can be a wonderful but also challenging time in our lives - and the team here at OUSA exist to help.

Office Hours: Monday 12pm-2pm

Reception Hours (Main Office): Monday 11am-12pm

Welfare Officer - Abigail ClarkWelfare Officer

Abigail Clark

The Welfare Officer works with organisations across the University and local community, including the OUSA Student Support Centre, to make sure student welfare issues are represented at an Executive level.



Kia Ora and welcome!

My name is Abi, and I’m your Welfare Officer for 2018. I recently completed not one, but two degrees, majoring in Mathematics and Anatomy with a Music minor...which might just be the weirdest combination you’ve ever heard of.

That’s most interesting thing about me, so you don’t need to hear the rest: I’m from Mosgiel, that small town on the way to the airport; I did more volunteer work than study last year; and I like baking, running and playing music.

My role on the Exec is to push for your welfare as students, whether that is through the various committees that I sit on, through campaigns and initiatives I’ll be running, or through communications with the University. My top priorities this year are around mental health and sexual violence prevention. I’d love to create an environment which embraces mental health and wellbeing, along with a safer campus by implementing a “Safe Relationships” campaign in colleges.

I’m super friendly and love talking to new people, so come up and talk to me about any student welfare issues anytime! But always remember to look after yourself first: self-care should be your top priority.

Ka kite!

Office Hours: Tuesday 12pm-2pm

Reception Hours (Main Office): Thursday 1pm-2pm

Campaigns Officer - Roger YanCampaigns Officer

Roger Yan

The Campaigns Officer works with all Executive members to develop local and national campaigns and making sure the Association has the tools and knowledge required to run successful campaigns.



What’s good Otago?! It’s your Campaigns Officer, Roger Yan here!!! Born and Raised in Christchurch City, I’m a 3rd year politics and psychology student who often finds himself spending whole weekends binging on the latest anime. I don’t know how to talk about myself so here’s a few fun facts people might want to know about me.

1. My favourite colour is yellow.

2. I’m the Exec’s youngest member.

3. I believe every student at Otago should take a Chris Rudd paper.

4. I had a Youtube channel solely about Yu-Gi-Oh the TCG for 3 years.

5. And I have a mild obsession with prequel memes.

My role on the Executive is to understand the different campaigns people are running throughout the year, be it local or national, ensuring they have the appropriate knowledge to execute them and helping them out where I can.

This year I’m hoping to reduce the amount of broken glass on campus and around North Dunedin. I also plan on working towards a brighter future (quite literally) by improving the current lighting situation in Studentvile.

I’m almost always keen on a good chat so if you see me on campus feel free to say hey.

Office Hours: Friday 1pm-3pm

Reception Hours (Main Office): Monday 2pm-3pm

International Officer - Umi AsakaInternational Students' Officer

Umi Asaka

The International Officer works with the International Committee and International Office at the University of Otago to represent and advance the issues facing international students.



Kia Ora! I am a third year student working towards BSW (Bachelor of Social Work). I am originally from Japan and I came to New Zealand when I was 15 to study in a high school. I stayed on because it is such a beautiful country! I love travelling and experiencing different cultures. Hence, I love being an international student here and making local and international friends.

My role is to ensure that each international student feel comfortable at the campus, to be a bridge between the university and the international students and also organize events that every students can enjoy together such as international food festival, cultural carnival and movie nights. I have had great experiences being at Otago, but I also understand how tough it can be to be an international student. We have a great support system here at Otago, but sometimes not everyone can access to them. My main goal is to make the support system more accessible to the students through peer support and so on.

If there is anything you would like to talk to me about, I would love to talk to you.

Office Hours: Wednesday 1pm-3pm

Reception Hours (Main Office): Monday 1pm-2pm

Recreation Officer - Josh SmithRecreation Officer

Josh Smith

The Recreation Officer works to oversee OUSA’s recreation programme and ensure that clubs have the support they need to continue provide courses, and other opportunities for Otago students.



Yozaa. I have the honour of being your Rec officer for 2018!

Recreation is a key component of the Otago University experience/life, and this fine city is a frothing melting pot of our generation’s beautiful culture from around the nation.

My focus is going to be on hosting more alcohol alternative events (eg kava nights/ alcohol free buzzy dance parties), making yoga more accessible, and increasing the visibility of Clubs and Courses.

Gonna be getting amongst many aspects of recreational culture all over campus; hmu if you are looking for performers or djs at your event/celebration, if you are keen to be involved in hosting/setting up/helping out at events, or have any other recreational type inquiries.

Another key issue I want to tackle is communicating between student culture and the Institution of Otago University regarding issues like flat initiations/themes, street parties, and landlord issues. If we suss things properly, our dope cultural vibes could be supported by the uni - as opposed to breathas getting “Excluded” for following the ways of their forebears and celebrating our shared cultural heritage.

Lets make this shizz special, 2018 is gonna be off the chain, bigups to the streets xx.

Office Hours: Tuesday 1pm-3pm

Reception Hours (Main Office): Tuesday 12pm-1pm


Post-Graduate Officer


The Postgraduate Officer maintains strong relationships with the University of Otago Postgraduate Society to represent and advance the issues facing postgraduate students.



Office Hours: Thursday 1pm-3pm

Reception Hours (Main Office): Wednesday 1pm-2pm

Colleges Officer - Norhan El SanjakColleges Officer

Norhan El Sanjak

The role of the Colleges Officer is to make sure that the college experience is the best it can be for Otago students and making sure the issues of students in colleges are represented on the OUSA Executive.




I’m Norhan and I’m your Colleges Officer for 2018! I study Law and Psychology and my first year in a college was one of my most favourable years!

As your Colleges Officer, I’m here to make your first year at a college a great experience by ensuring and actively increasing awareness of your views and issues to the OUSA Executive!

If you would like more information about what I do or if I can be of any help, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Office Hours: Monday 1pm-3pm

Reception Hours (Main Office): Friday 1pm-2pm