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Affiliation Process | Start a New Club

Affiliation Process | Start a New Club

If you’d like to start a club that's different from those we already have we'd love to hear from you.

BEFORE REACHING OUT TO OUR Clubs Development Officer please:

1. Read our club-related policy

2. Skim over our club resources page 

3. Process what you've read. Make notes and jot down questions for our CDO.

4. Email our Clubs Development Officer to arrange a time to meet and discuss further



1. Homework, in advance of meeting our CDO

2. Meeting with CDO to share your ideas, ask questions and learn more about the process

3. Do the Mahi! You'll be given some tasks to complete and bring back to the CDO. Examples include but are not limited to an IGM, ratifying a constitution, and recruiting members. Timewise this varies a lot depending on your motivations and capabilities.

4. The CDO will screen over the content you've supplied, coming back where there are any potential issues

5. When satisfied the CDO will submit your affiliation application to the OUSA executive for ratification. The executive meet weekly. The executive may approve, decline, approve conditionally or ask for additional information.

5. Once the executive have approved, the CDO will liaise with you to kick start your group

NB: once affiliated, clubs must re-affiliate for future years. This process tends to be quicker than first starting up.



Starting a club is a big deal and requires effort. So too does keeping a club afloat, often weighing on the shoulders of a few. It's not an anomaly for clubs to both establish and fall over with a singular individual as they begin and de-commence studies. Have a good think about the time you have available to kickstart and support your club long-term. Set realistic goals and allow for the club to build organically. Encourage and support new members to take on additional responsibilities, sharing the load and encouraging sustainable practices.