Clubs and Societies

Committees and Roles

Committees and Roles


How do you make your club successful?

Good functioning clubs have:

  • A good mix of skills
  • An effective chairperson
  • Committees for specialist tasks e.g. social media, event planning, sponsorship
  • Well-managed meetings
  • Dynamics that allow free expression of different perspectives an effective chairperson, backed by a strong vision for the organisation and clear protocols, can make sure all perspectives are taken into account
  • External support e.g. OUSA, Sport Otago, Dunedin Community Accounting
  • Good self-evaluation

Governance Vs. Management

In basic terms, governance (your committee) is the role of leading an organisation providing direction, leadership and making decisions. Management take lead from their governors to implement the decisions they have made aka managing the day to day operations*. The governing body’s role is to oversee management, not to manage it. This can be tricky particularly when roles are blurred or overlap. It’s not uncommon within our clubs and societies for the same people to be involved in both leading and running the group. For example, you may be the vice president of your group but also the head coach or you could be the treasurer but also the team manager.

Your Committee:

OUSA affiliated Clubs and Societies must have a minimum of three officers (roles) on their committee, these are:

  • President - who is in charge of leading your committee and representing the organisation
  • Treasurer - who is in charge of keeping the organisation's finances healthy
  • Secretary - who is in charge of administration

All officers within your committee have a general duty to act in good faith and in the group’s best interest as well as take reasonable care to exercise their duties. Officers will then have specialised functions, duties and powers as set out in your club’s constitution (Click on the position title above to download specific job description examples)

If your not sure about something, feel free to email the Clubs Development Officer.