Clubs and Societies




A club’s constitution is a “rule book” by which your club operates. It sets out how you are run, how decisions are made and the procedures you will follow to ensure you are efficient, transparent and accountable to your members. Some of these processes are required by OUSA or the NZ law whilst others are at the discretion of your club.

Using your Constitution

Get to know your constitution! Read it carefully and make sure others on your committee do the same. Highlight anything that doesn’t make sense and bring it up with your fellow officers. If there is still confusion come in and see us. We highly recommend having a constitution on hand at all meetings as a reference document.

Amending your Constitution

Your constitution should be a working document, relevant and specific to your club. If the provisions of your constitution don’t suit your club anymore amend, amend, amend. The best time to do this is your AGM (see AGM template) although if you really can’t wait you could hold a Special General Meeting.


To kick things off refer to your current constitution around guidelines for special general meetings and constitutional amendments. If you breach your changes may be considered invalid. Make sure you allow for people to discuss the change and have a fair process lined up to vote. A secret ballot can be helpful for sensitive topics so people don’t feel pressured to vote a particular way.

Download the OUSA Constitution Template

Some clubs have found their quorum is not working. They want to change it but can’t make a quorum to do so! (what a rut). If this sounds familiar come and see us. We can ask the OUSA executive to make a special dispensation given reasonable justification.