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OUSA has partnered with Recreation Aotearoa to bring you Kia Rite Hoea, a one-stop package for planning great activities, programmes and events.


What is Kia Rite Hoea?

Kia Rite Hoea is as good as it gets! A resource packed with a punch (crafted by professionals) and templates you can immediately use for your club.


Create cutting-edge activities and events that people will flock to that you can be confident and proud of. Avoid the "where to start phase", remove the need to reinvent the wheel and get going from the get-go.


Sounds Great; give me a preview

Click here for a resource preview and here for a template preview


I'm In. How can I get a copy?

OUSA has worked with Recreation Aotearoa to open this up to affiliated clubs and societies for FREE! If you're interested, email our CDO. Though we have a physical copy you can loan, digital copies are limited, and copyrights apply.

This resource, protected via copyright, is usually $35 excluding GST, from Recreation Aotearoa


Dream Team

OUSA has not abandoned you in the assistance department. We have an open-door policy and are always happy to help. We do, however, encourage you to engage with this resource in advance. This makes our meetings all the more productive when we do collaborate.



A special thanks to Recreation Aoteroa for partnering with us to provide you with this resource and the supporting stakeholder's Skills Active, Christchurch City Council and Aktive.