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Important Dates 2019

Important Dates 2019

28th of January - Grant Round 1 Closes

15th of February - Room Booking Requests Due

20th of February - OUSA Rummage Sale

21st of February - OUSA Clubs Day

28th of February - Grant Round 2 Closes

1st of March - Van Booking Requests Due

13th of March - Clubs Training Day

22nd of March - Re-Affiliations Due

28th of March - Grant Round 3 Closes

28th of May - Grant Round 4 Closes

10th of July - OUSA Clubs Day

28th July - Grant Round 5 Closes

28th of August - Grant Round 6 Closes

27th of September - Clubs Training Day

28th of October - Grant Round 7 Closes

29th of November - RE-Affiliations for 2020 DUE