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Meetings are essential for discussions, sharing information, making decisions, solving problems and developing relationships. It is important to run meetings that are efficient and productive so you can reduce the amount you require and the time in each (freeing up time to do the actual activities you love).

There are a bunch of different types of meetings. We have listed the key types our clubs and societies use below:

Inaugural General Meeting

The Inaugural General Meeting is a clubs first meeting. The goal of the first meeting should be simple and straightforward: Introduce students to your club mission and goals, introduce the members to the clubs constitution and vote in your clubs new executive positions. The club may also want to discuss some activities or projects which the club would like to do or inform their members of any relevant information. Click here for an IGM template.

Regular Meeting

A regular meeting is a meeting held by the club executive, and is generally is held weekly, fortnightly or monthly to track business, and plan forward. For clubs this could be to evaluate an event, plan for clubs day or another event, plan for new club equipment or plan for grants etc.

Special General Meeting

The special general meeting is a meeting that the club president can call at any time throughout the year to address any urgent matter if it cannot wait until the AGM. Urgent matters could include changing the clubs constitution or electing a new executive officer.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

An annual general meeting is a meeting held annually for all club members to attend. At the AGM the key items on the agenda will be the president’s annual report, the treasurer’s annual financial report both of which will be presented to the club, the club will elect their new executive positions for the following year, and the possibility of changing the clubs constitution. Click here for an AGM template.

Moving a Motion

Wandering what all these fancy words are about? Not sure how to move a motion? or what this means? Click here to find out.

If your not sure about something, or want to get better clued up about grants, feel free to email the Clubs Development Officer, OR Register to attend the Committees, Roles and Meetings Clubs Training Day Workshop!