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OUSA Clubs Sexual Misconduct and Complaints Resources

OUSA Clubs Sexual Misconduct and Complaints Resources

Kia Ora Whanau, 

OUSA want to look out for you! When your having a good time, or not so good time in one of our Affiliated Clubs, so we have put together a policy called the Affiliated Clubs Complaints and Sexual Misconduct Policy to support you through the not so good times, and give you guidance on support. 

What might a complaint be about?
  • Sexual misconduct 
  • Club voting procedures
  • Club finances
  • Club membership
  • Club health and safety
  • Club Exec
  • Club meeings
  • Bullying
  • Substance abuse 
  • Harrasment

How to make a complaint?

To make a complaint, or an appointment to see the OUSA Clubs Development Officer email cdo@ousa.org.nz 

If you would like to make a confidential complaint in writing, or you would like the CDO to look into an issue or concern you have, please fill in the Complaints and Issues Form

What next?

All complaints will be taken seriously, and be investigated where there are reasonable grounds for concern or remedy, apart of the investigation, the CDO may; request additional information, offer support through OUSA Student Support, convene a Special General Meeting, temporarily suspend the benefits of affiliation.

The CDO may at their discretion recommend an action to the OUSA Executive this can include but is not limited to; Suspending a club affilition for a duration, recommend to dissafiliate the club, withdrawl of benefits of being affiliated to OUSA, suspend a member or members of the club, require the club to make an apology.

Is your complaint about a Sexual Misconduct? 

Please note, this is a survivor led process, with the central point of focus being a responsibility to ensure at all times the safety and wellbeing of all people involved.

All people involved in this process shall uphold appropriate confidentiailty. 

A report of a sexual misconduct within OUSA Cubs can be made to the OUSA Clubs Development Officer or OUSA Student Support.

Please note, OUSA is not qualified to investigate Sexual Misconduct within Clubs, however OUSA can provide pastoral support to those involved. All individuals will be made aware of relevant and legitmate parties which are able to investigate the report of Sexual Misconduct, the services include but are not limited to; New Zealand Policy and the University of Otago Proctor. 

For further details about the process, please refer to the Affiliated Clubs Complaints and Sexual Misconduct Policy 

What support services are available to you? 

The below support services are dedicated to supporting indivudals through sexual violence, click the names to be directed to their websites.

Futher Support

OUSA and Te Whare Tawharau have teamed up to provide club executive and members the opportunity to participate in work shops to prevent sexual misconduct within OUSA Clubs.

We are offering the following in 2021;

  • Bringing in the Bystander - We run this workshop to give you ways to step in that are safe, effective and suit you. Our goal is to create a community that looks out for each other and does not tolerate inappropriate sexual behaviour. This workshop is your way to contribute to making our community safe for everyone.

    This course is being run on the 20th March 2021, to register click here 


  • Hybrid - Helping YOU the Bystander Respond, Intervene and Discolse - This has been designed for student leaders around the University and brings in the key elements of the “Bringing in The Bystander” and “Responding to Disclosures”. It is designed to empower students to be effective bystanders in their communities. It teaches you how to recognise potentially harmful situations and how you can intervene safely. As leaders within the student community we also want to prepare you with skills on how to respond if someone discloses their experiences of sexual violence. We will cover the statistics on sexual violence in our community, common reactions to sexual violence and we will give you some practical tools to use if someone discloses their experience of Sexual Violence to you.

    This course is being run on the following dates; 11th March, 29th April, 22nd July & 9th September in 2021, to register click here 


Promote Te Whare Tawharau, their services and Sexual Violence Prevention within your clubs by sharing these downloadable posters on your social media platforms and venues!


Te Whare Tāwharau provides services for both students and staff. We are available to support survivors of sexual assault, give advice and information to supporters of survivors, and provide education on handling disclosures and prevention.

Our kaupapa – we are:

  • Survivor led – we empower your choices
  • A safe place for everyone
  • Confidential
  • Trained in crisis intervention and safety planning
  • Advocates providing information and guidance for navigating supports systems, on and off campus
  • Knowledgeable about policies and reporting options, on or off campus
  • Connected to community resources
  • Available to support your visits to Student Health Services, DI&S, Dunedin Police or the Proctor.