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Room/Venue Booking

Room/Venue Booking


Each year OUSA Affiliated Clubs and Societies have access to regular and casual room bookings at the OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre.

For some clubs, this may be all they need and for others, it's not quite enough. This could be because we don't have suitable facilities e.g. a pool or auditorium or it could just be because we can't cater for the demand (it tends to be the latter).

What we're trying to do, to assist our clubs is build a portfolio of alternative venue options. Noting this is a working project we've listed some of the key venues below.

University of Otago

If you're an affiliated club or society you may be able to score yourself free or highly discounted venue hire on campus.You can find detailed information about all the lecture theatres, seminar rooms and other venues on campus here. If you'd like to make a booking request for one of these rooms click here or reach out to University Timetables. Semester one regular bookings can be placed from March 9th or July 20th for semester two. If you're unsure about what room you might require come and talk to our Clubs Development Officer or Recreation Manager. We've checked out most of the spaces so we can give you some guidance.

Note as a club you're considered an external group where by default there is a fee. If you'd like to apply for a waiver or reduction of hire charges you'll also need to fill out this form. It's incredibly important on this you highlight whether your event and or group is non-for-profit. A waiver or reduction of charges is unlikely if your event/group is for profit.

It is really important that you show up on time for any bookings you have placed. Showing up late or not at all could result in additional charges or jeopardise future bookings.

Main Common Room and the Union Hall

If you'd like to book out the MCR or Union Hall you'll need to fill out this application form and send it through to the University Union. Note these spaces are in hot demand and are often booked out well in advance. Plan and submit your application form well in advance to avoid disappointment. 


Affiliated Clubs and Societies, particularly those that are more structured and organised may be able to tap into the facilities provided by Unipol. If your group is interested in using Unipol we recommend reading their Recreation Handbook first, having a quick chat with their Sports and Facility Officer and then where appropriate submitting a booking request. 

Dunedin City Council

The DCC look after the Sports Grounds in Dunedin. Facilities such as Logan Park, North Ground and Opoho are available for "drop-in" or booked usage. Bookings will most likely cost you so check their fee schedule to avoid nasty surprises. As mentioned above Unipol have experience booking local grounds and therefore may be able to give you some pointers in the process.

Otago Museum

Otago Museum has a number of rooms and spaces to hire with the obvious advantage of being close to campus. For more information contact their venues team or download their venue information pack.