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Otago Varsity Board Riders Club

Otago Varsity Board Riders Club

The 'Otago Student Board Riders Club' looks to promote surfing within the University of Otago. Our club is consists of a diverse group of people from different backgrounds, degrees and year groups, however we all share in the same passion and froth that we get from surfing.

The surfing ability amongst out members ranges from sponsored competitors, to your average weekend punter. Though everyone is welcome to join this Boardriders Club, we do encourage our members to have a sound understanding of the ocean, and have a general ability to handle ones self in the surf.

As a cub we host a number of different events through out the year. Club surf competitions, weekend missions, day trips are among the more regular surf oriented things we do. We also team up with local environmental groups through out the year to do beach clean ups, and raise awareness around sustainability. Once a month or so we also host club BYO/BBQ's and jam sessions, and occasionally link up with other clubs to to host inter-club parties.