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Postgraduate Association

The Otago Postgraduate Association (OPA) is the primary campus organisation for postgraduate students. We aim to offer professional development, student advocacy and support, and social connection to our members and the wider postgraduate community. The organization was founded at our inaugural AGM on September 7th, 2018.

The executive meets fortnightly on Fridays at 12pm, and meetings are open to the public. Minutes are available online.

OPA runs fortnightly morning tea catch ups on Friday mornings, 10am to 12pm in the Otago Room at the OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre. We also run events and projects that focus on student wellbeing, professional development, and social connection. Please get in touch if there are issues you would like us to respond to or ideas that you have for us to provide better services for postgraduate students.

Our AGM is coming up on Wednesday 25th September, 4pm, in the Evison Lounge at the OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre. We will be electing a new executive for the coming term. We will be sharing food and drink afterwards and mingling. Please come along if you would like to have a say in how the organisation is run, particularly if you would like to run for a role. Please click here to see the executive role descriptions.

To keep in touch with what we do, please click here and fill out our membership form.