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Yoga Theory

Yoga Theory


This is a rigorous and comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training program focused on yoga practice and theory. Yoga theory sessions are designed to deepen and enhance your yoga knowledge and experience. Upon completing Unit 1: Yoga Theory, Unit 2: Yoga Theory and Unit 3: Yoga Practice and Meditation components, you will receive certification from renowned yoga teacher, Wayne Everson.

(Please note: This course is based upon 200 hours of actual teaching contact and offers a quality Yoga Teaching Certificate, not “accreditation”.)


Our Yoga Teacher Training Course welcomes students from complete beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. Whether your aim is to become a yoga teacher or just to broaden your knowledge and deepen your experience of yoga, a strong commitment to yoga practice and theory is key.

Unit 1: Yoga Theory WHAT TO EXPECT

Your training will cover correct alignment and safe yoga practice, the art of yoga teaching, cautions and ethics of teaching and practice, anatomy, an introduction to Sanskrit and yoga terminology, the history and philosophy of yoga, meditation, pranayama, introduction to key yoga texts, the Eight Limbs of Yoga (Classical Yoga), the principal branches of yoga, and yoga in the contemporary world.


YOGA THEORY UNIT 1 Friday's 6:00pm - 8:00pm 10 sessions starting 12th March 2021
Ending 28th May 2021
No class on April 2 and 9 (observing Easter & Mid Semester break)

Fee (students): $250.00 Fee (non-students): $450.00 Bring a yoga mat if you have one, a change of clothes, pen and paper.
Rooms 5 and 6, Clubs & Societies Centre