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Sewing for Beginners

Sewing for Beginners

Benefit from the experience and innovative approach to textiles and the environment that your tutor, Fiona Jenkin will bring to each session. Fiona is a key member and founder of  Just Atelier, a local solution to a global problem of social and environmental waste in the fashion industry.

No Experience is required and we have sewing machines at OUSA you can use!


This is an introductory course to the basics of sewing on a domestic sewing machine. You will learn how to set up a machine, use different stitches and feet, basic care, maintenance and troubleshooting. Once the basics are mastered, you'll get the opportunity to try out different seam types and simple construction to make your own simple project (such as a cushion or tote bag); or learn simple upcycling and customising tips for up-styling your wardrobe, like adjusting hems, taking in and letting out. 

This course will give you the confidence to use of the OUSA stock of sewing machines for your own, un-tutored projects.  The possibilities of modern sewing are endless.


Just Atelier Website

SEWING FOR BEGINNERS Wednesdays 5:30 - 7:30pm 3 sessions starting 9th September 2020
Ending 23rd September 2020
Fee: $45.00 Bring You are welcome to bring your own machine if you have one. Otherwise, we will provide machines, other sewing related tools and basic calico fabric is provided to practice on. You will be required to bring your own fabric to complete your project. Suggestions and measurements for this will be discussed at the end of session one.
Room 5, OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre