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Muay Thai Kickboxing ~ Lunchtime Session

Muay Thai Kickboxing ~ Lunchtime Session

Thai Kickboxing; the art of eight limbs; a traditional and ancient martial art considered one of the best form of standing up fighting, with its roots deeply embedded in Buddhism. This 10-week technique course introduces and covers basic concepts and movements of Muay Thai using partnered pad work, bag work, shadow drills, and conditioning. 

You will cover the basics from your stance and guard all the way to practicing clinch grappling. 

You will also learn the correct technique for a wide range of punches, kicks, and the use of the knees as well as important self-defence techniques in a relaxed, focused and safe environment.

MUAY THAI KICKBOXING Thursdays 12:00 - 1:00pm 10 sessions starting 18th July 2019
Ending 26th September 2019
Fee: $43.00 Bring Exercise clothing and footwear, drink bottle and sweat towel. You will be expected to provide your own hand wraps.
Activities Hall, OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre
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