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Belly Dancing for Women

Belly Dancing for Women

Looking to try something new? Maybe get fit, or get creative? Whatever it is, we got you!


Belly Dancing for Women


Want to have some fun this semester? Come along and master fundamental belly dancing movements such as locking and lifting the waist, shifting the hips from side to side, making circular motions, and maintaining control of the shoulders and upper body.

In this class, we will explore how to seamlessly blend these steps together to achieve a more fluid and graceful dance. We will also go into various belly dancing rhythms, allowing you to develop your own unique dance style.



Bring a water bottle and comfortable gym clothes for the dance class. You can also bring a lightweight scarf to wrap around your hips, but it's optional.

These classes are suitible to those who identify female. If you have any questions please email rpc@ousa.org.nz before registration.



Elkhansa (Hansa), is a PhD student studying chemistry. They have a great passion for mornings, smiles, music, and dancing. Hansa has been practicing belly dancing since she was 7 years old, and loves sharing the joy, confidence, and strong feminine energy that belly dancing can provide to everybody.


Please note registrations close 72 hours before course starts 

BELLY DANCING FOR WOMEN - STREAM 1 Tuesdays 7:00pm - 8:00pm 5 sessions starting 30th July 2024
Ending 27th August 2024
Fee: $45.00
Clubs and Socs Building - 84 Albany Street - Dance Studio