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Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing


         In championing the ultimate student experience, we host a tonne of activity across the academic year.

         Whether you want to learn a langauge, a new style of dance or pick up a random craft we've got you!

         We aim to have a wide variety of stuff to do, catering for all interests and allowing you to step outside of your comfort zone.

         Make new mates, pick up a new skill or learn how to look after yourself in your first years of flatting.

         Activity runs from 9th January 2023, and will be loaded in December 2022. Stay tuned!  




Belly Dancing


This course is all about FUN!  You will start dancing right from the first class. This course is all about muscles. Learning to isolate muscle groups, to activate unused muscles, with a dash of Pilates to activate intrinsic muscles, and learning to embrace good body image.  


NONE at all! This is a course for beginners but also those who have some experience.


You will learn to dance as a group with live music, and silk veils, sword, and other props. 

There will also be a segment on stage makeup and costuming! Then at the end of your 10 week journey you will take part in a hafla (a middle eastern dance party).  

STREAM 1: BELLY DANCING Tuesdays 6:30-8pm 10 sessions starting 20th July 2021
Ending 5th October 2021
No class on No class on the 24th & 31st August.
Fee: $45.00 Bring For health and safety (so you don't slip), dance either barefoot or in dance (ballet or jazz) shoes. We wear yoga pants or leggings, a short skirt or triangle scarf tied around waist, and a close fitting comfortable top. Plus a drink bottle.
OUSA Exercise Studio
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